Heroin in the Magic Now cover
Heroin in the Magic Now cover
HEROIN IN THE MAGIC NOW is not for the easily offended!

Horror author and HFM managing editor Terry M. West celebrated the release of his highly anticipated horror novella today. Heroin in the Magic Now, described as a dark, paranormal cross between Breaking Bad and True Blood, is now available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats.

Synopsis: HEROIN IN THE MAGIC NOW explores pain and hell. The story is set in a dark make-believe New York. The Night Things have climbed onto our shores from the shadows and they are now part of the system. Gary Hack, a down on his luck exploitation film director with an appetite for heroin, finds himself working in the dangerous world of monster fetish videos.  Gary is made an offer he can’t refuse by Johnny Stücke, an immortal crime boss. The video Johnny envisions could be the greatest zombie fetish film ever created. But it could also ignite an apocalypse that could destroy the city. HEROIN IN THE MAGIC NOW is original, startling and brutal. BONUS: Included with the first tale is a lengthy preview of HEROIN IN THE MAGIC NOW 2.

Early reviews have been extremely kind. As we cautioned in an earlier post about this book, it is a dark and extreme tale and it is not recommended for minors or the easily offended. But if you are ready for a true tale of horror, order here!


Check out the book trailer:

Artist Spotlight: Matt Deterior

Matt Deterior
Artist Matt Deterior

Extremely disenchanted with the mundane “opiates” of today’s society, Matt Deterior creates artwork as a way to reach a world he fails to connect with or comprehend. TV, video games, sports, the weather, religion, pop culture are nothing more than empty distractions. His reaction to society’s blind acceptance of these distractions are what fuel his work. Both directly and subconsciously, he is driven to create as a counteraction to these things.

“Sending my creations out and finding an audience that is able to respond to or interact with them assures me that I can connect with people on a level that’s deeper than the superficial things I encounter every day.”

The majority of his pieces are mixed media work made up of several layers of process. Space is often filled with illegible train of thought rants married with characters whose appearance varies from brutish and dark to cute and uplifting. Matt Deterior is consumed with a desire to constantly produce work. His creations have been part of well over one hundred exhhibitions internationally with works held by The Kinsey Institute, La Calaca Press, Marquis Gallery/Landfill Project and in private collections in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, and Norway. Terry M. West’s recently published novel, “What Price Gory?” features cover art by Deterior and Brooke Borel cites and includes images from his self published dark humor zine, “Save the Bed Bugs!” in her upcoming text book, “SUCK: The Tale of the Bed Bug” (University of Chicago Press). He is currently represented by Hyaena Gallery (Burbank, CA), Sev Ven Gallery (Huntington Beach, CA), and has pieces available at the American Visionary Art Museum (Baltimore, MD). In addition to creating pieces in mixed media, stained glass, and sculpture, Matt is currently laying the foundation for his performance/music project, “Programmed to Fail.” He is also chipping away on a webcomic, a few graphic novels and a children’s book. Deterior currently resides in Reading, PA with his wife and son.

Matt’s wonderfully creepy art appears in numerous places on this website (including the logo).

Visit Matt’s website!


Movie Review: As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below movie poster
As Above, So Below movie poster

As Above, So Below

Directed By: John Erick Dowdle, Written By: Drew Dowdle, Starring Perdita Weeks, Ben Feldman, Edwin Hodge, Universal Pictures

WARNING: This review contains spoilers!


I am not a huge fan of found footage films. They are often predictable and boring. I had very low expectations for As Above, So Below. But I was pleasantly surprised. As Above, So Below offers the unique story of a very brave Alchemy student Scarlett, (Perdita Weeks) who is out to offer the world a discovery that will change the course of history; proving that the urban legend of Nicolas Flamel creating the Philosopher’s Stone is real. Flamel’s tombstone offers clues on the whereabouts of the stone’s location; hidden in a secret area within the Catacombs under Paris.  This is an adventure worth taking! That is, until the journey reveals otherwise.


As Above, So Below creepy viral image
As Above, So Below creepy viral image

Scarlett gathers a crew. Her cameraman Benji (Edwin Hodge), a friend whom she shared some fun times with, Translator George (Ben Feldman) and a team of locals to navigate the “off limits” areas  of the catacombs. Take note to the Siouxsie And The Banshee reference when you hear it in the movie. No relevance to the movie, just a reference.


I would not consider myself claustrophobic but, if presented with some of the situations in the movie, there would be cause for hyperventilation, dread and panic. There is one uncomfortable scene where I found that I had to concentrate on my own breathing and I was in an open wide theater! The footage inside the catacombs was fantastic! Creepy to those who find walls made of human skulls and tunnels filled with femur bones scary.


A few of the crew begin seeing objects and apparitions from tragedies in their pasts. The group actually finds what they were looking for; treasure and the Philosopher’s Stone… or did they? They are forced deeper into the catacombs upon discovering the Emerald Tablet which reads: “That which is above is the same as that which is below”. The only way up is down.


Perdita Weeks in As Above, So Below
Perdita Weeks in As Above, So Below

Now, the group’s previous actions are being mirrored as they try to reach the surface. That is, until they arrive at tunnel which has the inscription: “Abandon hope all ye who enter here”. Which legend has it, is the entrance to Hell. Of course there is no way back as the way the group came has disappeared. The characters begin to face tragedies of their pasts and the moral of the story is revealed.


As a horror movie fanatic, I found that the elements of the film were unsettling. Going deeper and deeper underground and ultimately finding this vision of Hell is what made the movie worthy.  I was grateful there was not an abundance of unnecessary gore. There’s no lack of hellish sound effects either.


It made feel like I was in a nightmare. Not a nightmare formed of monsters, demons or ghosts… but the places our mind goes when when we are in a dark dream and our fears are manifested as quick as we think of them.  Therefore, I left the theater satisfied and thrilled. There is still hope for modern horror films.

Check out the As Above, So Below trailer:

Classic Horror Movie Reviews from an Almost 13 Year-Old

Marilyn Eastman


[NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Arianna is the daughter of some friends of mine. She is almost 13 and a huge horror fan. She is also an aspiring author. I thought it might be interesting to get some input from the younger crowd, so I proposed a review series to Arianna. I asked her to watch a list of classic horror films, because I was really curious how older films would play to a younger crowd. Her first assignment was the 1968 zombie opus, Night of the Living Dead. I have said countless times that NOTLD is my very favorite horror film. I present to you her thoughts. This review has been edited only for spelling and grammar. Any hilarious factual errors regarding the film belong to Arianna. -TMW]

Night of the Living Dead movie posterI’ve recently watched an older film, by the name of  Night of the Living Dead. Now, this film was produced in the thirties, at the dawn of all entertainment in the form of television. When all of the zombie apocalypse things started, this movie was introduced to the public, and was considered terrifying.

However,  present day, if I must say so myself, we’ve seen worse. Much, much worse. They say that the AMC series, The Walking Dead, was inspired by this particular picture, but clearly The Walking Dead was most definitely updated.  Some prefer the black and white, silent, pick your poison, all relevant and ancient. I am very much so into various types of horror, including paranormal, possession, witches, psychopaths with knives, but deep in my obsession lies a special place for apocalyptic pleasures.

On a scale of 1-10, I enjoyed Night of the Living Dead at about a 2, if even. What gets me scared, grossed out, dizzy etc… is the cherry red color of fresh blood , or the rotting aging shade of old. Also guts, but the only way you could tell someone was a zombie in this movie was by the tears in their clothes.

Marilyn Eastman
Marilyn Eastman pulls double duty in Night of the Living Dead

Going deeper, there was a single woman who looked slightly gory, yet not enough to duel against more updated favorite films of mine. This amused me, but did not scare me in any way, shape, or form. I’m sure if I had never seen something like this before, I would have better things to say about it.  But I have, and this was a huge letdown. I found this on a top 25 scariest movies list at number 7. And I was like what?  But others have different opinions, and I am sure I disliked this highly due to my youth.






Check out the Night of the Living Dead trailer:


Godzilla 1954
Godzilla 1954
The original Godzilla was a serious movie with a message. The sequels? Not so much…

Why Godzilla films?

Many people may ask “Why do grown men watch Godzilla films?” My wife and daughters don’t understand. When a Godzilla film is on, they roll their eyes and make quick passage through the living room, lest I stop them to explain the ridiculous plot, for no apparent reason.


Aside from the original 1954 Gojira, with its serious tone, sociopolitical statement, and allegory sentiments, the entire franchise is not exactly aimed at adults. The films are a myriad of pseudo-science, hokey plots, simplistic storylines, and fantasy elements. They often contain plot-holes big enough to drive a monster truck through.


Godzilla vs The Sea Monster
Mr. G picks out a big one for his surf and turf dinner!

So, why the infatuation?  I will attempt to answer that burning question.


Give a young boy (age’s two to ten) a set of blocks and what will they do? They will stack them as high as they can, stand back to study their accomplishment, then run up and kick them down. If you have two boys in the room they will race to be the one who will kick down the blocks first.


It’s the conqueror ego. It’s the desire to level the playing field. It’s a release of frustrations in a somewhat controlled environment.


Godzilla vs Mothra (aka The Thing!)
What’s in the egg?

Man is born with an inherent penchant for aggression and destruction. It’s part of the survival instinct that keeps him fighting even when the odds are against him. Throughout man’s existence, natural violence was a part of his struggle. In the most recent 100 years, man has taken much of that natural violence out of his life. We have secure homes that shield us from predators and violent weather (most of the time). We don’t have to hunt for food or compete for hunting grounds against other men/tribes/clans. We only have to walk into a supermarket where meat is laid out in trays and packaged in plastic, under bright lights and light FM, elevator music.


Some men will turn to sports, throwing their hands in the air and roaring when their team beats the opposing team into submission. Young men will turn to loud music, banging their heads, waving their fists and even mosh-ing to release pent-up aggression. And an even smaller percentage of men will turn to giant monster movies. They see Godzilla kick down a building and relate that to themselves as young boys, kicking down that stack of blocks.


Naturally, we don’t want to see this kind of destruction in real life. We love to see tornados on film from a safe distance, ripping a roof off a barn. But we are saddened and empathetic when we see the devastation up-close and see the hardships they cause real people and families. We like to see buildings topple, explosions burst into giant fireballs and laser-beams or heat-rays cut through city streets, but are taken aback when we see the real devastation of an earthquake or the loss of innocent lives in a terrorist attack.


Battle Royale
Kaiju battle royale!

What we see in these films is fantasy. Sometimes we cheer for mankind, up against what seems to be an unstoppable force. Sometimes we cheer for the giant monster that can destroy the arrogant man’s world and re-teach him to have respect for mother earth and her adept system of balance.


We are happy to be out of the constant violent struggle of nature but we still have that adrenaline induced instinct that needs to be called upon during emergencies. And that muscle needs to be flexed. So stand back from the Blu-Ray/DVD remote and let us kick our blocks down…metaphorically speaking.

Tales of Poe Premiere Video and Interviews

Tales of Poe Premiere Video

On August 20, 2014, we were invited to the Tales of Poe World Premiere at the the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California. We were highly impressed by the work of directors Alan Rowe Kelly and Bart Mastronardi. We were able to interview some of the cast and crew of this great horror anthology based on Edgar Allen Poe’s  work. It was a fun, chaotic and LOUD night! You must see this film when it is officially released! More info for Tales of Poe here! And check out our review!

Horror Comics: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Chilling Adventures of Sabriba
Chilling Adventures of Sabriba
Coming in October!

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Coming in October from Archie Comics.

From the Archie website:

NEW ONGOING SERIES! Terror is born anew in this dark reimagining of Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s origin. On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, the young sorceress finds herself at a crossroads, having to choose between an unearthly destiny and her mortal boyfriend, Harvey. But a foe from her family’s past has arrived in Greendale, Madame Satan, and she has her own deadly agenda. Archie Comic’s latest horror sensation starts here! For TEEN+ readers.

Horror Music: Goblin

Perhaps the most well-known composers of horror movie soundtracks!

Goblin is an Italian progressive rock band known to many  70’s and 80’s horror movie fans. They have worked with Dario Argento on many of the Italian horror film director’s soundtracks. 


From the official Goblin site:

The group of Goblin was created by Claudio Simonetti and Massimo Morante. In 1973 Claudio Simonetti and Massimo Morante recorded and sung several songs with his friend / manager Giancarlo Sorbello leave for London where he contacted the engineer / producer Eddie Offord famous for having recorded many albums of Yes, Gentle Giant and Emerson Lake & Palmer, who, after listening to their music, agreed to produce their album. In 1974 became part of the group on bass and Fabio Pignatelli Carlo Bordini on drums, the name is “Oliver” and returned to London where he recorded new music with the addition of American singer Clive Haynes, known months before in a London Underground Station, together make several concerts in different schools in England. Yet Eddie Offord part on tour with Yes and no longer has time to follow and produce the group, the band returned to Italy and then thanks to the father of Claudius, Enrico Simonetti, they get a contract with the Cinevox Record. The group began recording an LP (that will come later under the name “Cherry Five”), and during the recording Cinevox proposes to Dario Argento looking for a rock band for his new film (Deep Red)… continued


Haunted Attraction: The Whaley House

Whaley House
If you are in the San Diego area, enjoy Halloween at the Whaley House!

The Whaley House is considered to be one of the most actively haunted mansions in the world.

Location: 2476 San Diego Ave, San Diego, CA 92110

Visit their website for Halloween tour information.

From their site:

Save Our Heritage Organisation (SOHO), which operates the historic Whaley House Museum in Old Town, has some “spirited” fun in store for visitors this Halloween season, including extended hours, period lighting and music, Past & Presence Ghost Tours, and after-hours Ghost Hunts. 

The Whaley House was built by San Diego pioneer Thomas Whaley to house his growing family and his general mercantile store, and is believed to be the oldest two story brick building in Southern California. When completed in 1857, The San Diego Union called it the most elegant home in San Diego. The building served at various times as the county seat and courthouse, San Diego’s first commercial theater, a granary, store, kindergarten and Sunday school, party venue and ballroom, polling place, and meeting place for both the City Council and County Board of Supervisors. Former California state senator James Mills has said that the Whaley House “has sheltered more history than any other building in the city.” 

In addition to being one of the most historic buildings in San Diego, the Whaley House has earned its reputation as America’s Most Haunted. “The Whaley House is one of the most actively haunted mansions in the world today,” said famed ghost hunter Hans Holzer, who wrote more than 120 books on the subject. Reports of its hauntings has brought visitors from around the globe and in recent years has lead to numerous televised ghost investigations by shows such as Most Haunted and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In 2005 Life Magazine declared it “the most haunted house in America.” Spirits believed to inhabit the historic home include Thomas Whaley and his wife Anna, their daughter Violet, their great-granddaughter Marion, their fox terrier Dolly Varden, and of course “Yankee Jim” Robinson. 

Robinson, a desperado convicted of attempted grand larceny, was hanged on the grounds where the Whaley House now stands in September of 1852, a few years before the building was constructed. Legend has it that his spirit never left the spot where the gallows stood and now roams the halls of the Whaley House. 

Visit the Whaley House this Halloween Season for some hauntingly good fun!


On November 10, 2007, filmmaker/author Terry M. West, a self-described amatuer paranormal investigator, went to the Whaley House, a supposed haunted house in San Diego, and took what could be one of the most definitive and startling ghost photos ever. WATCH AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELF!!!

Haunted Attraction: Hollowgraves Haunted Manor

Hollowgraves Haunted Manor

Hollowgraves Haunted ManorHollowgraves Haunted Manor

Located in Keansburg Amusement Park in Keansburg, New Jersey 07734

Visit them here.

From their site: The Haunted Manor is a family friendly dark ride attraction located in New Jersey. The house first opened in 1995 as a Halloween attraction at the Gingerbread Castle in Hamburg, NJ. After additional Halloween runs in Wayne and Andover, the house made the change to a shore attraction with its debut at Keansburg Amusement Park in 2002. After that one season, it moved to the Seaside Heights in 2003. After four seasons, the house returned to its Halloween roots with seasons in Vernon and Budd Lake from 2007 through 2010. In 2012, the Haunted Manor returned to Seaside Heights. A long term stay was made impossible though when Hurricane Sandy ravaged the boardwalk, destroying just about everything on it. Somehow, the Haunted Manor was one of very few attractions to make it through the storm completely intact and, in 2013, it relocated back to Keansburg Amusement Park in Keansburg, NJ where we plan to keep it for the foreseeable future!

As mentioned above, the Haunted Manor is family friendly. While there are definitely some bloody scenes inside, we pride ourselves on creepiness over excessive gore. It is much more in the vein of a classic haunted house attraction with a mixture of live actors and one of a kind animatronic characters that you will find nowhere else!


Here is a video of the Hollowgraves Haunted Manor from 2012!