Animal Spirits

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I was lying in bed, not yet asleep, when I felt my cat Indy jump onto the bed and cuddle beside my legs. Of course when I looked she wasn’t there; Indy had died two days earlier. But I knew I’d felt her presence that night, and still do from time to time.

So do animals have spirits? Souls? Can they come back to their beloved humans as ghosts, or haunt their former abode?

The idea that animals have immortal souls is not new. The ancient Egyptians mummified their pets to have them with them in the afterlife. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras (c. 582 – 496 B.C.E.) believed that animals and humans had the same kind of soul and could, after death, be reincarnated into another animal or human body. In the Middle Ages, an animal could be held responsible for its actions, taken to court, and sentenced for its crimes.

The legend of a spectral black dog with eyes that glow red, yellow, or green is well-known in British folklore. It haunts graveyards, lonely country roads, moors, and coastlines, and may have been the inspiration for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel, The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Many historical sites are said to be haunted by the ghosts of animals that lived or perished there. Tour guides and tourists alike have reported hearing the roar of lions and tigers in the Colosseum of Rome. Carew Castle on England’s Pembrokeshire coast is reportedly haunted by a small pet ape belonging to a 17th century tenant who was murdered on the grounds.

The Hollenberg Pony Express station in Kansas was only in operation from 1860 – 61, but some claim they have heard ghostly horse hooves galloping by. The misty apparition of a horse and rider sometimes appears on the Gettysburg, Pennsylvania battlefield, and the sound of dying horses can be heard amidst other ghostly sounds. Also in Gettysburg, a bull terrier named Sallie, who was a Union Army mascot, is said to be heard growling as she watches over fallen soldiers.

The Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park, founded in 1928, is the final resting place for over 40,000 animals. Like many cemeteries, it is said to be haunted. For example, actor Rudolph Valentino’s Great Dane, Kabar, who was buried there in 1929 has since been heard barking and panting, and even been felt licking visitors’ hands.

Several horses and riders have been killed over the years while trying to cross the intersection of 95th Street and Kean Avenue in the Chicago, Illinois suburb of Hickory Hills. Drivers and passersby have reported seeing horses and riders crossing the road late at night, only to disappear a moment later. Some claim to have seen a horse being dragged as though a car had hit it and dragged it before coming to a stop. There have also been reports of a ghostly dog warning riders of danger around the road. It is believed the dog may be the ghost of a local fire department mascot named Felix, who while on active duty was credited with saving a number of lives. Upon his death he was honored with a stone and buried at the intersection.

Animal spirits have appeared as a wisp of mist, an orb, a shadow, a warm presence, an indentation on a bed, a disembodied bark, purr, or whicker, and even a full apparition that can actually be photographed.

Entire books have been written containing anecdotal accounts of pets – especially dogs, cats, and horses – coming home to comfort their grieving human.

Just like my Indy.


Movie Review: The Mirror (2014)

The MirrorThree friends purchase a “haunted mirror” from eBay in hopes of filming paranormal happenings. They set up round-the-clock surveillance, certain their footage will earn them a one million dollar paranormal challenge sponsored by the James Randi Foundation. The results surprised them.

This British “found footage” horror film finds its inspiration from a news story about a mirror in Muswell Hill said to bring misfortune to its owners. Most of the action takes place in Matt’s (Joshua Dickinson, “Opening Night of the Living Dead” 2014) flat. His girlfriend, Jemma (Jemma Dallender, “I Spit on Your Grave II,” 2013) doesn’t believe in ghosts. Steve Higgins (Nate Fallows, “Christmas Eve,” 2014) operates the cameras and drives the experiment, bringing in an Ouija Board when things don’t progress quickly enough for his liking. Their relationship strains when strange dreams, nocturnal happenings, and mysterious toothaches bother them. Although the script dictates the cast lack common sense and the ability to recognition of the need for medical treatment, the acting is believable. However, much of the found footage is dull and unremarkable. The few scares in the film are largely given away in the trailer and film packaging, but the short escalation into gore was done well.

Directed by Edward Boase (“Blooded,” 2011) who co-wrote the screenplay with Theidrych Waslay, The Mirror was released in the UK on 8 September, 2014 to a mixed reception. It was nominated by Total Film Fright Fest for the Best Found Footage Horror.

Halloween 2015 Photo Contest WINNERS!

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Mama Freddy & Freddy Jr. (submitted by Shannon Stevens)
Mama Freddy & Freddy Jr. (submitted by Shannon Stevens)

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Addams Family (submitted by Toni Bisio Szulc)
Addams Family (submitted by Toni Bisio Szulc)
Chucky, Freddy, the Shining Twins and Carrie (submitted by Jody)
Chucky, Freddy, the Shining Twins and Carrie (submitted by Jody)
Zombie Horde (submitted by Lisa Hicks)
Zombie Horde (submitted by Lisa Hicks)
Voodoo Witch Doctors (submitted by Ashley Fisher)
Voodoo Witch Doctors (submitted by Ashley Fisher)

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