All or Nothing by Stuart Keane now available!

All or Nothing
All or Nothing

Stuart Keane’s horror novel, All or Nothing,  is now available on Amazon! Stuart is an extremely talented new author and he has racked up some very impressive credits. He is also a contributor to Halloween Forevermore and his controversial piece, Vermilion: A Traveler’s Account, appeared in the Journals of Horror: Found Fiction anthology (tales written in epistolary form) which was created by Terry M. West.

Here is the synopsis to All or NothingThe Game. A lucrative pay-per-view that caters to only the richest and most extravagant of clients, those selected based on their wealth, social status and Government position. Organised and run by a secret conglomerate called The Company, and only viewable by the extremely rich and wealthy, it’s the epitome of reality television.  The Chronicles. Four twisted, egotistical, wealthy men with no remorse for the public or people below their social status. With complete control over The Choices, they can do what they want, when they want, however they want. Egos and pride clash in order to produce the best entertainment their unlimited funds can buy. The Choices. Four strangers chosen at random and ripped from their everyday lives, they are selected by The Chronicles to participate in The Game. Rules do not apply. There’s no law, no justice, no escape and no hope. The Company does not accept failure. With a client base exclusively consisting of the most influential people on the planet, their acceptance for anything but perfection is zero. When The Game begins, things start to go wrong. The Chronicles become obsessed with power, The Choices become caught in the cross-fire and The Company is overseeing everything. Tempers fray, confidence cracks and people ultimately start paying the price. The strangers begin to realise that anything is possible. Agenda’s seem random but as the night progresses, it becomes apparent that things are more personal than first thought. With The Company watching, The Chronicles pulling the violent, bloody strings and events spiraling out of hand, it becomes obvious that the outcome, and their fate, is beyond their control…

All or Nothing features a cover by legendary horror artist, Steve Crisp (read our interview with Steve here).

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