Article: Reopening the X-Files- A Top Ten List

x-filesWith Fox’s exciting announcement, the 27.3 million fans of the pop-culture phenomenon quivered. David Duchovny will don his G-man suit as Fox “Spooky” Mulder and Gillian Anderson will re-dye her hair to Dana Scully’s signature red to reprise their award-winning roles.

“X-files” episodes ranged from “monster of the week” stand-alones to an intricate, mysterious mythology involving the supernatural, government conspiracies and cover-ups, and alien abductions. The series’ superb writing and the chemistry of the lead actors overcame many concerns about plot inconsistencies. The filming was as dark as the subject matter.

The series, which premiered on 10 September, 1993, amassed 202 episodes and a film by the time the season finale aired in May, 2002. The series possessed such clout that they aired “spoof” episodes, lending a comedic relief from what frequently presented disturbing and thought-provoking television.  (“X-files: I Want To Believe” hit the big screen in 2008.)

To prepare for the anticipated autumn release of the six new episodes of “The FBI’s Most Unwanted,” let’s revisit ten of their best episodes.

10. “Pilot” – It introduced us to the main characters and set the tone and dynamics. (10 September, 1993)

9. “Tooms” and “Squeeze” featured Tooms, an unusual, liver-eating bad guy. He was popular enough to appear in two episodes.

8. “Revelation” – This episode features religion, a young saint, and Scully as a protector. (15 December, 1995)

Humbug7. “Humbug” – In this comedic episode, Mulder and Scully investigate murder surrounded by side-show performers. “Humbug” was nominated for an Edgar Award and a Cinema Audio Society Award. (20th episode – second season)

6. “Paper Hearts” – This haunting episode featured a serial killer who, after murdering children, cut a heart-shaped piece of their pajamas as a trophy. (15 December, 1996)

5. “Beyond the Sea” – Scully’s skepticism comes under assault when her father dies and a psychic on death row imparts communications from beyond. (7 January, 1994)

4. “Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man” focuses on the recurring, enigmatic character sometimes called “CancerMan.” The Lone Gun Men add their entertaining presences as well.  (17 November, 1996)

3. “Anasazi” – This is part of a three-episode storyline, including “The Blessing Way” and “Paper Clip” which furthers the alien mythology and government cover-up conspiracies in a significant way. (19 May, 1995)

2. “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose” – Clyde foresees death. Most interesting is his revelation that Agent Scully will not die (which is also mentioned in the sixth season’s episode “Tithonus”) (13 October, 1995)

1. “The Unnatural” – Racism and segregation permeates this episode. (July, 1999)

unnaturalsThe series and actors won awards and nominations, including 40 Emmy nods. Mark Snow provided a signature opening song, eerie instrumental sound effects, and subsequent soundtracks for some of the episodes.

Spin offs include a comic book series and a short-lived show, “The Lone Gunmen.”

Though Fox is not releasing the date the new episodes will air, here’s hoping creator Chris Carter’s “13 year commercial break” breathes new life into an interesting supernatural series.

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  1. Thanks for writing about this, Kerry. So looking forward to watching new X-Files episodes. One of my favourite shows of all time!

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