Love Lost Found by Ellen Denton

ellendentonEveline’s eyes were glazed with poisonous intent as she pulled aside the curtain and looked down the street. She hated the little brats and their stupid costumes, hated their high, piercing, kid voices as they yelled “TRICK OR TRICK!”, hated children in general.

What she hated most though was if a child got scared when they first saw her, or worse, laughed at her because they thought she was wearing a monster Halloween mask. Her face had been revoltingly scarred from third-degree burns suffered many years before.

She could see the first trick-or-treaters moving along the other side of the street, so angrily yanked the curtain shut and got the bowl of candy from the kitchen. She almost tripped with it on the hook rug in the living room, which rocketed her anger into suffocating rage. I Hope you all choke on this she thought to herself, as she kicked the rug back onto place.

It was the same thing every year. She closed her eyes and felt like screaming.


After setting the bowl by the front door, she looked down at the candy bars and felt strange.

As though her body were being moved by a puppeteer, she got a pack of razor blades from the medicine cabinet and deftly slipped one into a piece of candy, then glued shut the hairline slit in the wrapper. A moment later, the doorbell rang.

She immediately opened it to three trick-or-treaters. One was a pirate and one was a cowboy. She felt like slapping them both in the face. Despite the Autumn chill, she was sweating profusely as she lifted the razor-candy out of the basket, and glanced at the third child.

It was a pretty blond girl of about four, dressed as an angel. She was costumed in a shimmery white dress and sparkly, pink chiffon wings.

She was about to drop the candy into the little silver shopping bag the girl carried, but the child looked up at her with shining blue-green eyes and said “You’re pretty!” She then stepped closer to Eveline, and took her hand.

Eveline suddenly became aware of the floor against her feet as though she’d just landed there, and of the razor-blade-filled candy she was still holding in the other hand. She tossed it behind the door, and got some fresh, safe ones from the basket.

She stared at the child. “You think I’m pretty?”

“Yes, like an enchanted princess under a spell in a dark forest.”

Eveline kissed her on the cheek, and gave her three pieces of the good candy, then dropped one into each of the boys’ candy bag

They were looking at her strangely, then walked away from the door. They hadn’t even tried to pick up the three chocolate bars that she’d dropped on the ground next to them.

She watched them walk down the street, then puzzled, turned and looked the other way down the street, wondering where the girl in the angel costume disappeared to.