Haunted Attraction: Perdition Home

Perdition Home
Perdition Home
Perdition Home is a great haunted attraction in Yorba Linda, CA!

PERDITION HOME is located in Yorba Linda, CA.

Check website for their schedule.

From their site:

Welcome to PERDITION HOME, the abode of timeless suffering and affliction! Soon you too will join the thousands of dead which make up the very foundation of this horrible place.

You’ll writhe in paralyzing terror and fear as you witness our iniquitous need to watch all things DIE. We are the face of every evil you have ever witnessed. Our blood lust is insatiable. We are PERDITION HOME, where nightmares are made FLESH!

Year-to-year, we’re guaranteed to be the goriest and most disturbing local home haunt: just the way YOU like it! Walls coated in blood and gore, mangled human torsos hung up by rusty meat hooks like grotesque ornaments, marred limbs at every turn, and horrible masks which guise the deplorable faces of our minionsthese are all things to expect this year from the master of BLOODY exploitation, PERDITION HOME!

In 2008, we established ourselves as the not-so-average home haunt next door and have since become an eyesore of extravagant BLOODY thrills. Every year during the month of October our average-looking home is transformed into a savage maze that puts other customary home haunts to shame.

Our 2011 season was a huge step up with an impressive turnout of 850+ people on October 29,30,31st. Many attendants fled other typical mazes to come and
witness ours because of the exceptional craft of it. Some
wouldn’t enter at all because of the sheer dread they felt.

In 2013, Desolation Field, our forth haunt, turned heads everywhere with not only two facades, but more GORE than ever before! The final guest tally was set at around 1100. This was also in addition to being covered by Theme Park Adventure, a website/youtube dedicated to filming all sorts of haunts from ones at home to ones at Knott’s Scary Farm!



Perdition Home’s 2014 Summer Update #4

Haunted Attraction: THE CURSE OF DEVIL SWAMP

The Curse of Devil Swamp
Debuts Halloween night in Covina, CA!


Address: 775 S FIRCROFT AVE, COVINA, CA, 91723


Come experience The Curse of Devil Swamp in the flesh.  Doors open at 7:00 P.M.  Admission is FREE! Tell your friends, and please donate so we can continue to grow and make our attraction even better.

Opening Night: Friday, October 31, 2014

7:00pm – 11:00pm



Check out this preview walk-through of The Curse of Devil Swamp from the ScareLa convention!

Book Trailer: Heroin in the Magic Now

Heroin in the Magic Now

Heroin in the Magic Now is a new tale coming from Halloween Forevermore’s Managing Editor Terry M. West. Early glowing reviews have described it as “unnerving”, “disturbing”, “a nightmare on acid” and “what true horror is all about”. West himself agrees that it is his darkest tale.

We know we have many horror fans who prefer their terror more implicit, and we can’t recommend this book for them. But we also have many fans who prefer more extreme horror, and this is definitely something they can sink their fangs deep into. Here is a freaky book trailer that was released this morning that is appropriate for all horror fans! The book is due at the end of this month! Secure your copy at Amazon!