Book Review: America’s Most Haunted


America's Most Haunted book cover
America’s Most Haunted book cover

AMERICA’S MOST HAUNTED: The Secrets of Famous Paranormal Places by Theresa Argie & Eric Olsen. Penguin books.

I was thrilled to receive a review copy of America’s Most Haunted. It is an extremely informative and detailed travelogue of famous haunts across the USA. It will appeal to both the paranormal enthusiast and dark tourist alike. The cases are recounted in great detail and recent TV paranormal experiences are mentioned (most notably discoveries made by Ghost Hunters and Fact or Faked).

Some of the haunted places mentioned in this book are The Queen Mary, The Stanley Hotel, The Willoughby Coal & Garden Center, The Villisca Ax Murder House and the Knickerbocker Hotel. Nearby accommodations are listed with each haunt. If you are a paranormal researcher or a fan of haunted locations, this should be a dog-eared resource to carry with you on your travels.

The Villisca Ax Murder House
The Villisca Ax Murder House

I haven’t enjoyed a book of this type since the Weird NJ magazine and book series dealing with the strange legends of US cities and states. I devoured America’s Most Haunted in a day and my only complaint was that I wanted more!

I hope this book spawns an entire series. This is a must have for the paranormal fans out there. This book is a brisk read for the armchair investigator or a road map for the more adventurous ghost hunter.


I need to mention that the folks behind this book also run a very comprehensive and entertaining website. Be careful because you can waste days there.

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