Book Review: JOURNALS OF HORROR: Found Fiction

Journals of Horror: Found Fiction
Journals of Horror: Found Fiction

Journals of Horror: Found Fiction is published by Pleasant Storm Entertainment Inc.  It is edited by Terry M. West and features over 20 of the hottest authors in the horror genre.   Journals of Horror: Found Fiction marks the coining of a new genre of horror fiction.  It features stories written in the style of uncovered or unearthed journals, chronicling horrific events.  The Kindle version is available on Halloween and the paperback edition will be ready by Christmas. 

Being a huge fan of Terry M. West’s work for so many years and having reviewed damn near his entire library of works, I was excited to hear he was releasing an anthology under the name of JOURNALS OF HORROR: FOUND FICTION. I was fortunate enough to read this anthology and must say this is easily in my top 5 best anthologies in the horror genre. My list includes the Barnes and Nobles and B Dalton Bookstore offerings. To hell with the big names; give me indie author work any day. There’s more heart and passion in it.

The stories herein are bleak, disturbing and some are depressing and they stick with you long after reading. I found myself at work replaying some of these creepy little tales over and over again. This anthology has a little bit of everything going on. For starters you have your pissed off teenage occultists, smart phones that drive their users insane, vengeful high school ghosties and a father who serves up a tasty way to avenge his dead daughter. There even exists a tad of some Darrin Aronofsky like PI conspiracy theories and toss in one of the freshest found fiction styled tales from markings reminiscent of THE ILLUSTRATED MAN (in sorts) and you have an anthology that rides right alongside Stephen Kings Night Shift. This is one of the best anthologies I have ever had the pleasure to read.

Just make note this is by far one of the coolest anthologies I’ve encountered ever.With entries from some bad motherfudgers such as DS Ullery, Robin Dover, Jeff Ö’Brien , Terry M. West and Christopher Alan Broadstone. I can’t pick a favorite; they’re all just so amazingly well-written and the stories are very vivid. The aspect of this read that impressed me the most was that it was as if all of the stories seemed to be conjoined yet were their own little devilish tales.

Just to highlight a few of the tales offered: Robin Dover’s TURN ME ON, DEAD MAN reminded me of Darren Aranofsky’s movie PI (the conspiracy numbers angle). DS Ullery’s TRUANT just goes to show that DS has a magnificent way of spinning some odd astral projection tales of biblical proportions and Christopher Alan Broadstone’s NOTE-TO-SELF has to be one of the oddest “found Fiction” angles I’ve ever seen and it works perfectly. And as usual you have Stuart Keane and Glenn Rolfe offering up some bedtime baddies. I will say I was highly pleased to see Mr. West’s wife, Regina offering her tale (Self-Consumed, co-written with Terry). I’ve read a snippet of her scribbling and I have always wanted to see more of her work. She did not disappoint, my friends.

As previously stated there are so many great authors involved in this project that if I were to explain in detail their tales it would go on forever. But instead of doing so I leave you by saying that this is the real deal, my friends. I highly recommend this work to any horror reader. Go out and purchase this anthology the second it becomes available. It’s top notch.

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