CAR NEX: THE SERIES Unleashed on May 8th!

car_nex_book_cover_by_terrymwest-d7mydl9Car Nex (short for Carnivore from the Nexus) might be author Terry M. West’s best known tale. Since re-releasing the short story in 2013 (it was originally published in 1997) it has been read by thousands of horror fiction fans.

Car Nex concerns Adam Campbell, a Southern family man who, in a small town called Pleasant Storm on a hot September night in 1965, calls forth a demon from an ancient tome that he has found among his family heirlooms. At first, the words of the dark book make no sense to Adam. But as he studies it, he begins to understand the symbols and he is compelled to invoke an incantation that releases something on the small quiet town that can be described as an unstoppable whirlwind of talons and fangs.

The Car Nex has crossed over into several of Terry’s tales, and he decided to create a short story series based on Car Nex.

“It is a shared world series with looser reins than most,” Terry confides. “The authors own their stories and I give them permission to use my monster. It is a creative marriage, but the stories belong to the contributors.”

evilonedover copyCar Nex: The Evil One by E.R. Robin Dover will be the first non-West Car Nex story published. It debuts on May 8th on Amazon. The synopsis: Aldo Capello, the mayor of New York city, is threatened by an underground terrorist group that he has been secretly financing in an effort to keep New York safe. With a wide scale terrorist attack looming, Capello summons a creature of hell to destroy his enemies. The Car Nex has been unleashed, and it is ready to take Manhattan!

It is the first of many to come.
“I have reached out to some fantastic authors, and the story pitches have been terrific,” West explains. “Basically, I am encouraging the contributors to tell a story with my monster in their voice and/or fiction universe. The stories don’t necessarily tie together, but they are all inspired by my story. I hope to eventually publish an omnibus of stories.  I will be announcing further tales soon and believe me, creature feature horror fans are going to love these!”

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