Artist Spotlight: Matt Deterior

Matt Deterior
Artist Matt Deterior

Extremely disenchanted with the mundane “opiates” of today’s society, Matt Deterior creates artwork as a way to reach a world he fails to connect with or comprehend. TV, video games, sports, the weather, religion, pop culture are nothing more than empty distractions. His reaction to society’s blind acceptance of these distractions are what fuel his work. Both directly and subconsciously, he is driven to create as a counteraction to these things.

“Sending my creations out and finding an audience that is able to respond to or interact with them assures me that I can connect with people on a level that’s deeper than the superficial things I encounter every day.”

The majority of his pieces are mixed media work made up of several layers of process. Space is often filled with illegible train of thought rants married with characters whose appearance varies from brutish and dark to cute and uplifting. Matt Deterior is consumed with a desire to constantly produce work. His creations have been part of well over one hundred exhhibitions internationally with works held by The Kinsey Institute, La Calaca Press, Marquis Gallery/Landfill Project and in private collections in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, and Norway. Terry M. West’s recently published novel, “What Price Gory?” features cover art by Deterior and Brooke Borel cites and includes images from his self published dark humor zine, “Save the Bed Bugs!” in her upcoming text book, “SUCK: The Tale of the Bed Bug” (University of Chicago Press). He is currently represented by Hyaena Gallery (Burbank, CA), Sev Ven Gallery (Huntington Beach, CA), and has pieces available at the American Visionary Art Museum (Baltimore, MD). In addition to creating pieces in mixed media, stained glass, and sculpture, Matt is currently laying the foundation for his performance/music project, “Programmed to Fail.” He is also chipping away on a webcomic, a few graphic novels and a children’s book. Deterior currently resides in Reading, PA with his wife and son.

Matt’s wonderfully creepy art appears in numerous places on this website (including the logo).

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