Halloween Forevermore Presents our First Spooky Wax Warmers Commercial

The Undertaker, Boneyard Jacks & Josephine's Skull
The Undertaker, Boneyard Jacks & Josephine’s Skull

We are happy to present our very first Spooky Wax Warmers commercial! This was put together by our managing editor, Terry M. West! Inspired by vintage toy commercials and horror movie ads, this commercial spotlights our wax warmers and even features a quick instructional on how use a wax warmer (a question we often encounter). The commercial is shot in a very retro style and we will be adding more commercials in the near future.

About our wax warmers:

The Ghost and Monster
The Ghost and Monster

Halloween Forevermore wax warmers combine fragrance and spooky design to create a spine-chilling ambiance in any room. Decorate your environment with a safe heat source to melt wax fragrance cubes and fill the room with a wonderful aroma. No burning fires to create a hazard. The removable warming plate makes changing scents easy and safe. These warmers are a great accent to your Halloween or everyday hair-raising décor. Ceramic vessel. Warming plate powers on with standard size electrical plug. For use with your choice of wax fragrance melts. Wax melts not included. The warmers come in five style and can be purchased right here!

Here is the commercial:

Tales of Poe Premiere Video and Interviews

Tales of Poe Premiere Video

On August 20, 2014, we were invited to the Tales of Poe World Premiere at the the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California. We were highly impressed by the work of directors Alan Rowe Kelly and Bart Mastronardi. We were able to interview some of the cast and crew of this great horror anthology based on Edgar Allen Poe’s  work. It was a fun, chaotic and LOUD night! You must see this film when it is officially released! More info for Tales of Poe here! And check out our review!

Book Trailer: Heroin in the Magic Now

Heroin in the Magic Now

Heroin in the Magic Now is a new tale coming from Halloween Forevermore’s Managing Editor Terry M. West. Early glowing reviews have described it as “unnerving”, “disturbing”, “a nightmare on acid” and “what true horror is all about”. West himself agrees that it is his darkest tale.

We know we have many horror fans who prefer their terror more implicit, and we can’t recommend this book for them. But we also have many fans who prefer more extreme horror, and this is definitely something they can sink their fangs deep into. Here is a freaky book trailer that was released this morning that is appropriate for all horror fans! The book is due at the end of this month! Secure your copy at Amazon!