Honger: A Dark Appetite

MorbidbookS, a publisher of extremely dark fiction, has just released Honger by Terry M. West.

Here is the descriptionhonger cover for Honger (which is the Dutch spelling of Hunger):

Hunger knows no friend but its feeder…

Tarrytown, NY
Winter 1679

Willem Tenner is a God-fearing Dutch wheat farmer. After he and his family take in a half-dead old man that has come to their doorstep, a violent and gory nightmare that will last for an eternity begins. Basilius De Vries is an undying creature. He consumes Willem’s family and curses the wheat farmer with the bite that never heals. De onheilige honger. The eternal hunger.

Piermont, NY
Winter 1997

Willem Tenner works at a video store and has few friends. He has lived many lives since 1679. He doesn’t know what he is. He doesn’t even know the name for it. When the hunger comes, he picks victims who have already given their lives away: Junkies, hookers, criminals. He will soon have to abandon this life and start again before people notice that he doesn’t age. Willem had thought himself the only monster on this endless, ravenous trek through time. But he was wrong.

An enemy has come for him. And the monster plans on tearing Willem’s life, body, and soul apart.

WARNING: This story contains scenes of graphic gore and violence.

Honger is now available in Kindle and paperback. West will be coming out with an audio version sometime this year with frequent collaborators, Bryan and Sonya Anderson.

Fright-Rags offers Re-Animator Trading Cards!

reanimator-waxpacksFright-Rags is re-animating the longstanding tradition of movie trading cards with their new series of HOUSE OF FRIGHT Wax Packs! Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator is the first film to get the wax pack treatment and are available now.Each pack includes six collectible trading cards and one sticker. Cards hand-sketched by a curated selection of artists and cards autographed by actress Barbara Crampton (who plays Megan in the film) are randomly inserted.

Re-Animator trading cards are available as individual packs, factory boxes (60 base card set, 2 chase cards, 2 stickers, and 1 sketch or signature card), and sealed boxes (2 full base sets, 2 full sticker sets, 22 chase cards, 1 sketch card, and 1 signature card).

Re-Animator House of Fright wax packs can be purchased now from Fright-Rags.com. Quantities are limited as follows: 600 individual packs, 200 factory boxes, and 75 sealed boxes. Additional House of Fright sets based on more of horror’s most iconic films are planned.


The 45th’s Terrifying Tomorrow: All of the Flesh Served

All of the Flesh ServedHow does a Horror/Dark Fantasy writer deal with the anxiety from our current political climate? He writes about it.

Terry M. West’s All of the Flesh Served is a novella due out on May 5th. The description:

Hundreds of years after the great cataclysm, the Ministry of the 45th survive in a network of scientific bunkers. The last bastion of the old holy order, the 45th are bent on rebuilding the scorched earth and eliminating God’s enemies. The Ministry wages a war against the mutant topsiders that occupy the dead states of the Soviet Union of America. Defending the 45th are the Red Guard, genetically engineered soldiers who are programmed to obey through their lifebrand. Dr. Morgan is a serviceman for Unit 468 of the Red Guard. His lifebrand being medicine, Dr. Morgan is the longest surviving field medic to serve. But Dr. Morgan is a deeply conflicted man with violent fantasies that contradict his pledge to preserve life. After escaping an abduction by the topsiders, Dr. Morgan’s faith is cracked. During a furlough in the high Chancellor’s bunker, Dr. Morgan is hailed a hero and taken off the front lines. But he soon realizes that someone has altered his lifebrand and lifted the veil that concealed the greatest deception ever perpetrated. Dr. Morgan has just become the most dangerous man in the wastelands. And when he discovers who the real enemy is, the revelation unleashes a fury strong enough to destroy what is left of the earth.

Expanded from a post-apocalyptic short story Terry wrote two years ago, he decided to center the novella on a possible dark future caused by the political actions currently in motion. “An all out attack on humanity, endangered species, the planet itself, and democracy. You know, that pesky little thing many, many Americans have died to protect,” Terry elaborates.

“The story begins with a quote from Voltaire,” Terry said. “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities. And there lies the center premise of the story. This isn’t a satire. I have been wracked with fear and anger, and rather than unleashing it on people who disagree with me, I decided to work it out in this story. And this isn’t a one-sided attack. I have tried to give a feasible motivation to the Ministry of the 45th. There is a message to this story. I honestly feel this is the most important tale I have ever created. I hope more artists express themselves during this insanity.”

All of the Flesh Served can be pre-ordered here for only $0.99: https://www.amazon.com/All-Flesh-Served-Terry-West-ebook/dp/B06X17JQ1Z/

West is asking people to support the project through a Thunderclap promotion:

Birthday of the Zombie Master!


Born in the Bronx, New York, on 4 February, 1940, George A. Romero began his film-making career with his 8mm at the age of 14. He studied at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Carnegie Mellon University and filmed a tonsillectomy segment for “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” before founding “Image Ten Productions” with nine of his friends. His most famous film, the black-and-white “Night of the Living Dead” ripped onto the American social conscience in 1968, changing the definition of zombie forever. (Hitherto, Hollywood presented zombies as people under the thrall of a powerful sorcerer. Romero’s zombies hungered for brains.)

This writer, director, editor, cinematographer, and actor has been involved in over twenty film projects, including “Dead” sequels, “Martin,” and “Knight Rider.” He collaborated with Stephen King on 1982’s “Creepshow,” 1988’s “Monkey Shines,” and “1993’s “The Dark Half,” and his flair for the macabre proved an invaluable asset on the set of television’s “Tales from the Darkside” from the mid 1980’s. He’s even acted. For example, he served as one of Hannibal Lecter’s jailers in “The Silence of the Lambs.” He authored and co-authored several books, spearheaded DC Comic’s “Toe Tags” and Marvel’s “Empire of the Dead,” and stars as himself in video games.

His works often contain a frequent metaphoric commentary including consumerism and the collapse of the family unit. This sneaky social conscience and skill in film making is acknowledged in the influence other filmmakers such as Tarantino and his friend fx masterTom Savini report. He was awarded the “Mastermind” award by Spike TV in 2009.

To celebrate his birthday, @Syfy is streaming 12 hours of #livingdeadmarathon on Facebook live.


Black Society, We are the Flesh, and Psychomania Ring in 2017!

Arrow Video sent us the following press release announcing some great new Blu-ray releases for early 2017! We are excited for these new releases!
January’s a great month for fans of Japanese crime cinema as Takashi Miike’s Black Society Trilogy arrives on both Blu-ray and DVD. These stylish and gripping crime films put Miike on the cinematic map and proved he was more than just a specialist in blood and guts. See the films that made Takashi Miike’s name as a master of Japanese crime cinema with this exciting set from Arrow Video. Including Shinjuku Triad Society, Rainy Dog and Ley Lines, in beautiful high definition transfers, the set also contains a host of special features including a brand new interview with the director himself.
Fresh from recent festival and filmmaker acclaim, We Are the Flesh debuts in the US on DVD and Blu-ray. We Are the Flesh is a Mexican arthouse head-trip which takes you on a nightmarish journey into a post-apocalyptic hell. Outrageous and explicit, it sees a brother and sister taken in by a strange hermit who uses them as he acts out his own depraved fantasies. The longer they stay, the more they find themselves slipping into the darkness, despite their better judgement.
This bizarre slice of Mexican arthouse is one of the most unsettling film experiences you will ever have and an all-out psychedelic head-trip. It details the adventures of a brother and sister who take refuge with a strange hermit in a post-apocalyptic city. As he acts out his dark, depraved fantasies, they find themselves drifting further into the realms of the forbidden.

Last but not least, The United States gave motorcycle-mad cinemagoers Easy Rider, The Wild One and The Wild Angels. The United Kingdom gave them Psychomania, the tale of zombie bikers run amok is southern England, coming to Dual Format DVD + Blu-ray on February  21. The Living Dead are a delinquent biker gang, fond of causing havoc on British roadways and making out in graveyards. Gang leader Tom (Nicky Henson) also has a Satanist for a mother, and when he discovers the secret of immortality, the name of his motley crew takes on a more literal meaning. Psychomania is a wonderfully offbeat gem, outlandish and eccentric in equal measure.

AV078TAKASHI MIIKE’S BLACK SOCIETY TRILOGY on DVD and Blu-ray on January 24, 2017


After several years spent working almost exclusively in the direct-to-video world of “V-cinema” in Japan, Takashi Miike announced himself as a world-class filmmaking talent with this trio of thematically-connected, character-centric crime stories about violence, the underworld of Japanese society, families both real and surrogate, and the possibly hopeless task of finding one’s place in the world. His first films made specifically for theatrical release, and his first for a major studio, the “Black Society Trilogy” was the beginning of Miike’s mature career as a filmmaker and they remain among the prolific director’s finest works.

Set in the bustling Kabuki-cho nightlife neighborhood of Tokyo, Shinjuku Triad Society follows a mixed-race cop (Kippei Shiina, Outrage) struggling with private issues while hunting a psychotic criminal (Tomorowo Taguchi, Tetsuo the Iron Man) who traffics in children’s organs. Rainy Dog, shot entirely in Taiwan, is about an exiled yakuza (Dead or Alive’s Show Aikawa) who finds himself saddled with a son he never knew he had and a price on his head after the Chinese gang he works for decides to turn on him. Ley Lines moves from the countryside to the city and back, as three Japanese youths of Chinese descent (including The Raid 2’s Kazuki Kitamura) seek their fortune in Tokyo, only to run afoul of a violent gang boss (Naoto Takenaka, The Happiness of the Katakuris).

Three of the most dramatically moving films created by the director, the “Black Society Trilogy” offers clear proof that Miike’s frequent pigeonholing as a specialist in bloody spectacle is only one aspect of his filmmaking career, and taken as a whole, the films are among the finest works ever to deal with the way violence and brutality can unexpectedly destroy even the most innocent of lives.

High Definition digital transfers of all three films
Original uncompressed stereo audio
Optional English subtitles for all three films
New interview with director Takashi Miike
New interview with actor Show Aikawa (Rainy Dog, Ley Lines)
New audio commentaries for all three films by Miike biographer Tom Mes
Original theatrical trailers for all three films

Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Chris Malbon

FIRST PRESSING ONLY: Illustrated collector’s booklet featuring new writing on the films.

SKU: AV078
UPC: 760137968986
SRP: $49.95DVD
UPC: 760137969099
SRP: $39.95

Street Date: 01/24/17
PreBook Date: 12/13/16
Label: Arrow Video »
Genre: Action/Adventure
Run Time: 302 mins
Number of Discs: 2
Year of Production: 1995
Director: Takashi Miike
Actors: Kippei Shiina, Tomorowo Taguchi, Kazuki Kitamura, Naoto Takenaka
Box Lot: 30
Territory: US
Language: Japanese

Pre-order at the MVD SHOP or on Amazon


AV077WE ARE THE FLESH on Blu-ray and DVD on February 14, 2017

A visionary and bizarre slice of Mexican art house cinema, We Are The Flesh is an extraordinary and unsettling film experience, a sexually charged and nightmarish journey into an otherworldy dimension of carnal desire and excess, as well as a powerful allegory on the corrupting power of human desire.


A young brother and sister, roaming an apocalyptic city, take refuge in the dilapidated lair of a strange hermit. He puts them to work building a bizarre cavernous structure, where he acts out his insane and depraved fantasies. Trapped in this maddening womb-like world under his malign influence, they find themselves sinking into the realms of dark and forbidden behaviour.

Acclaimed by the Oscar-winning Mexican directors of The Revenant and Gravity, and playing to rave reviews and stunned audiences at genre film festivals around the world We Are The Flesh is that rare beast – an intelligent, beautifully-crafted art house film that is also provocative and deeply disturbing.


Mixing the graphic, powerful imagery of Gaspar Noé’s Love and Enter The Void with the surreal, hallucinatory impact of Alejandro Jodorowsky, and taking Mexican arthouse cannibal flick We Are What We Are to the next level, We Are The Flesh is a bizarre, psychedelic head trip, mixing intense, outrageously explicit imagery with a profound allegory on the nature of existence, to make this is an unforgettable, boundary-pushing experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Visionary, unrelenting, and certainly not for the prudish or faint-hearted, We Are The Flesh is an erotic inferno of the senses that manages to pack all manner of delirium into its short running time, including incest, necrophilia, and cannibalism. This is extreme art cinema at its boldest and most taboo-bustingly bizarre.

Reactions and Quotes:

‘Disturbing’ ★★★★ Total Film

‘The most disturbing horror debut since Hellraiser’ ★★★★ SFX

‘Truly nightmarish and hypnotic’ ★★★★ SciFiNow

★★★★ HeyUGuys

‘Feverishly intense’ The List

‘Beautiful and hypnotising’ ★★★★ Flickering Myth

“I loved this film. It takes over our waking thoughts, like a recurring dream we try to forget, because we are fearful of finding out it may be a memory.” Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron

“We Are the Flesh is a very personal, very powerful film that deeply impressed me.” The Revenant director Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu

BLU-RAY Special Features and Disc Specs:
* High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation
* 5.1 surround and uncompressed stereo 2.0 audio options
* Optional English subtitles
* A new video essay by critic Virginie Sélavy
* New interviews with director Emiliano Rocha Minter and cast members Noé Hernández, María Evoli and Diego Gamaliel
* Two short films by Emiliano Rocha Minter; Dentro and Videohome
* Theatrical trailer
* Stills gallery
* Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork


DVD Special Features and Disc Specs:
* High Definition digital transfer
* 5.1 surround and stereo 2.0 audio options
* Optional English subtitles
* A new video essay by critic Virginie Sélavy
* New interviews with director Emiliano Rocha Minter and cast members Noé Hernández, María Evoli and Diego Gamaliel
* Two short films by Emiliano Rocha Minter; Dentro and Videohome
* Theatrical trailer
* Stills gallery

* Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork

FIRST PRESSING ONLY: Illustrated collector’s booklet featuring new writing on the film by critic Anton Bitel, and a note from the producer on the film.
SKU: AV077
UPC: 760137964780
SRP: $29.95
UPC: 760137964896
SRP: $19.95

Street Date: 02/14/17
PreBook Date: 01/10/17
Label: Arrow Video »
Genre: Cult
Run Time: 89 mins
Number of Discs: 1
Audio: 5.1 SURROUND
Year of Production: 2016
Director: Emiliano Rocha Minter
Producers: Emiliano Rocha Minter
Actors: María Cid, María Evoli, Diego Gamaliel
Territory: US
Language: Spanish

Pre-order at the MVD SHOP or on Amazon



AV082PSYCHOMANIA on Blu-ray + DVD  on February 21

The United States gave motorcycle-mad cinemagoers Easy Rider, The Wild One and The Wild Angels. The United Kingdom gave them Psychomania, the tale of zombie bikers run amok is southern England. The Living Dead are a delinquent biker gang, fond of causing havoc on British roadways and making out in graveyards. Gang leader Tom (Nicky Henson) also has a Satanist for a mother, and when he discovers the secret of immortality, the name of his motley crew takes on a more literal meaning… Directed by Hammer veteran Don Sharp (The Kiss of the Vampire, The Devil-Ship Pirates) and co-starring Beryl Reid (Dr. Phibes Rises Again) and George Sanders (Village of the Damned), Psychomania is a wonderfully offbeat gem, outlandish and eccentric in equal measure.

Bonus Materials
* 2K restoration from preservation negatives
* High Definition (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentations
* Original 1.0 mono audio (uncompressed on the Blu-ray)
* Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
*  Brand-new interview with star Nicky Henson
Return of the Living Dead, an archive featurette containing interviews actors Henson, Mary Larkin, Denis Gilmore, Roy Holder and Rocky Taylor
Sound of Psychomania, an archive interview with composer John Cameron
Riding Free, an archive interview with ‘Riding Free’ singer Harvey Andrews
Hell for Leather, a brand-new featurette on the company who supplied the film’s costumes
Remastering Psychomania, a look at the film’s restoration from the original 35mm black and white separation masters
* Theatrical trailer
* Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by the Twins of Evil

FIRST PRESSING ONLY: Collector’s booklet containing writing by Vic Pratt, William Fowler and Andrew Roberts
SKU: AV082
SRP: $29.95
UPC: 760137972389
Street Date: 02/21/17
PreBook Date: 01/17/17
Label: Arrow Video »
Genre: Cult
Run Time: 90 mins
Number of Discs: 2
Year of Production: 1973
Director: Don Sharp
Actors: Nicky Henson, Beryl Reid, George Sanders
Box Lot: 30
Territory: US
Language: English

One Hell of a Collection! Arrow Video releases the Scarlet Box!

Arrow Video has released a Blu-ray bohr sbx set featuring the 1st three Hellraiser films: The Scarlet Box Trilogy.
They have quickly become HFM’s favorite distributor of cult classic franchises. Check out these awesome specs for the Scarlet Box:
  • Brand new 2K restorations of Hellraiser, Hellbound: Hellraiser II, and Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth
  • Uncompressed PCM Stereo 2.0 and Lossless DTS-HD MA 5.1 sound for Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II
  • Lossless DTS-HD MA 2.0 sound for Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth
  • English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing for all three films
  • Reversible sleeves for all three films featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Gilles Vranckx
Here are the breakdowns for each disc:
Disc 1 – Hellraiser
  • Brand new 2K restoration approved by director of photography Robin Vidgeon
  • Audio commentary with writer/director Clive Barker
  • Audio commentary with Barker and actress Ashley Laurence
  • Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser – brand new version of the definitive documentary on the making of Hellraiser, featuring interviews with key cast and crew members
  • Being Frank: Sean Chapman on Hellraiser – actor Sean Chapman talks candidly about playing the character of Frank Cotton in Barker’s original
  • Soundtrack Hell: The Story of the Abandoned Coil Score – Coil member Stephen Thrower on the Hellraiser score that almost was
  • Hellraiser: Resurrection – vintage featurette including interviews with Clive Barker, actors Doug Bradley and Ashley Laurence, special make-up effects artist Bob Keen and others
  • Under the Skin: Doug Bradley on Hellraiser
  • Original EPK featuring on-set interviews with cast and crew
  • Draft Screenplays [BD-ROM content]
  • Trailers and TV Spots
  • Image Gallery
Disc 2 – Hellbound: Hellraiser II
  • Brand new 2K restoration approved by director of photography Robin Vidgeon
  • Audio Commentary with director Tony Randel and writer Peter Atkins
  • Audio Commentary with Randel, Atkins and actress Ashley Laurence
  • Leviathan: The Story of Hellbound: Hellraiser II – brand new version of the definitive documentary on the making of Hellbound, featuring interviews with key cast and crew members
  • Being Frank: Sean Chapman on Hellbound – actor Sean Chapman talks about reprising the role of Frank Cotton in the first Hellraiser sequel
  • Surgeon Scene – the home video world premiere of this legendary, never before-seen excised sequence from Hellbound, sourced from a VHS workprint
  • Lost in the Labyrinth – vintage featurette including interviews with Barker, Randel, Keen, Atkins and others
  • Under the Skin: Doug Bradley on Hellbound: Hellraiser II
  • On-set interview with Clive Barker
  • On-set interviews with cast and crew
  • Behind-the-Scenes Footage
  • Rare and unseen storyboards
  • Draft Screenplay [BD-ROM content]
  • Trailers and TV Spots
  • Image Gallery
Disc 3 – Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth
  • Brand new 2K restoration of the Original Theatrical Version [93 mins]
  • Alternate Unrated Version [97 mins]
  • Brand new audio commentary with writer Peter Atkins
  • Audio commentary with director Anthony Hickox and Doug Bradley
  • Hell on Earth: The Story of Hellraiser III – making-of documentary featuring interviews with Atkins, Keen and actor Ken Carpenter
  • Terri’s Tales – brand new interview with actress Paula Marshall
  • Under the Skin: Doug Bradley on Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth
  • Raising Hell on Earth – archival interview with Hickox
  • On-set interviews with Barker and Bradley
  • Never-before-seen Hellraiser III SFX dailies
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Image Gallery
  • Hellraiser III comic book adaptation [Disc gallery]
If you are a fan of the Barker’s Hellraiser series, this is a must have. We can all agree that series went straight to (video) Hell after the initial trilogy. That’s what happens when you amend existing scripts to try and expand a Mythos. So grab this pure set and enjoy, even if it was not meant for your eyes!

Happy Birthday Edgar Allan Poe!

edgar-allan-poe-portraitOnce upon a January dreary, while she labored, weak and weary, there came a gentle cry into the chill Boston air…

Born the second son of actors Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins Poe and David Poe, Jr. in 1809, Edgar Poe became an orphan by the time he was two when his father abandoned the family and his mother died. John and Frances Allan of Richmond, Virginia took him in and kept him until he grew to adulthood. Although they never formally adopted Edgar, they gave him the name “Edgar Allan Poe” and had him baptized in the Episcopal Church. During Poe’s formative years, the family travelled to Scotland and England. Upon his return to the United States, he served as a lieutenant of the Richmond Youth Honor Guard when the Marquis de Lafayette visited. Poe attended the University of Virginia for one semester, majoring in ancient and modern languages, but left when he couldn’t pay for higher education. Using an alias, “Edgar A. Perry,” and lying about his age, Poe enlisted in the Army in 1827 and published a collection of poetry “Tamerlane and Other Poems” as an anonymous “Bostonian.” He obtained the highest rank for a non-commissioned officer, but he ended his enlistment early.

After his foster mother died, Poe moved in with his Baltimore relatives, the Clemm’s, published a second book, “Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane and Minor Poems,” and entered West Point. His relationship with his foster father deteriorated, and Poe was disowned. He was court martialed in 1831 and pursued the life of a poet and writer. Fellow West Point Cadets helped finance his third book titled “Poems,” which was printed by Elam Bliss of New York. He placed prose in journals and won a prize for his short story “MS Found in a Bottle.”

27-year-old Poe married his 14-year-old cousin Virginia Clemm on 16 May, 1836. She died of tuberculosis in 1847, two years after the publication of his famous poem “The Raven.” Alcoholism plagued the Poe family. Edgar’s elder brother died because of alcohol in the early 1830’s, and Edgar himself lost positions due to drunkenness. He hoped to edit and produce a literary journal, but he died of unknown caused on 7 October, 1849 before he published.

Despite detractors such as Griswold and Huxley, Edgar Allan Poe left a legacy of writing, much of it gothic. Poe is credited with penning the first detective stories. To this day, Edgar Allan Poe’s iconic works influence popular culture in the United States and beyond. Several of his residences are preserved as museums, and The Mystery Writers of America present The Edgar, an annual award for distinguished writing established in his honor.

Halloween Forevermore remembers this amazing writer on his birthday.

“And so, being young and dipped in folly, I fell in love with melancholy.” Edgar Allan Poe


Raising Halloween at ScareLA!

From the ScareLA website:

elvira HFMThis August 6 & 7th, join thousands of Halloween fans, vendors, and scare industry masterminds and creep through our 100,000+ sq.ft. showfloor at the Pasadena Convention Center!

Founded in 2013, ScareLA™  is the first convention dedicated to Halloween. Situated in the entertainment capital of the world, we celebrate the scare season traditions by giving Halloween an early start every summer.

This year we are thrilled to team up with none other but The Queen of Halloween, Elvira, and open a show bigger and better than ever before!

ntscarela copyHalloween Forevermore will be appearing at booth #834 this year! Managing editor and horror author Terry M. West will appear both days and he will be offering a ScareLA limited edition of his hot horror novel Night Things: Dracula versus Frankenstein! Limited to 50 copies, we expect this one to disappear fast! Also, we will be premiering 4 brand new wax warmer styles: Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, the Werewolf and a special Day of the Dead version of our popular Undertaker! These are not currently for sale and we only have a small supply, so come by booth #834 and grab them quickly!


cthfront_lifestyleWe will also be offering our exclusive Cthulhu statue for pre-order!

ScareLA is an absolute blast! There will be a ton of vendors and horror/Halloween celebrities! Not to mention that the event is hosted by the queen of Halloween herself, Elvira! Check out the ScareLA website and YouTube channel. If you are in the area, drop by and tell us Trick or Treat!

Check out this gallery featuring pics of our new wax warmers:

50th Anniversary of Dark Shadows

dark shadowsOn 27 June, 1966, ABC introduced an American Gothic Soap Opera. It aired after school, targeting a teenage audience, and despite a slow beginning, the show garnered a following. It ran until 2 April, 1971, resulting in 1225 episodes exploring the angst-filled lives of the wealthy Collins family of Collinsport, Maine.
“Dark Shadows” leaned on inspiration from classic writers such as Poe, Bronte, Shelley, and Wilde. After a year, the series introduced its most popular character, Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid), a Vampire with an infatuation. Ghosts, werewolves, witches and warlocks, and man-made monsters joined the cast. Action began when Victoria Winters (Alexandra Moltke), an orphan with unknown ties to the Collins’ legacy, travelled by train to the Collins’ Manor to serve as governess for the reclusive Elizabeth Collins Stoddard’s (Nancy Barrett) two children, Carolyn (Nancy Barrett) and David (David Henesy).
The series made use of flashbacks, time travel, and a parallel universe. Actors often portrayed more than one character or returned as ghosts. A storyline set in the late 1890’s aired in 1969 and boosted ratings. The series next introduced the idea of unseen forces, Leviathan, controlling matters, which did not inspire as much enthusiasm from its viewership, and ABC cancelled “Dark Shadows” on 2 April, 1971. Its cancelation left several storylines unresolved, including disclosing Victoria’s parentage.

barnabas collinsCreator Dan Curtis said he came up with the idea from a dream. Art Wallace wrote for the series and Sy Thomashoff designed the sets. Robert Cobert created the musical score which earned a Grammy nomination and reached the Billboard Hot 100 charts. “TV Guide” ranked the television show “Dark Shadows” among the Top Cult Shows Ever. It was released in syndication, and movies inspired by the series were released in 1970 (House of Dark Shadows) and 1971 (Night of Dark Shadows). NBC aired a remake of the series starring Joanna Going as Victoria and Ben Cross as the 200 year old vampire, Barnabas Collins, which ran from 13 January, 1991 until 22 March of the same year. Tim Burton directed a 2012 comical cinematic release of “Dark Shadows” starring Johnny Depp as Barnabas.
During the height of its television popularity, “Dark Shadows” also found its way to novelizations, features in magazines, and comics. Board games, coloring books, jigsaw puzzles, and a View-Master reel sported “Dark Shadows” images.
Episodes are available on Hulu and available for purchase through various media outlets. There is talk in Hollywood of a revival series.

Send a Card to Bill ‘Chilly Billy’ Cardille

Chilly BillyWilliam Robert Cardille, better known as Chilly Billy, host of “Chiller Theatre,” spent years in Pennsylvania broadcasting. He began his career in Erie, PA, in 1952, and his was the first voice broadcast on 1 September, 1957 on WIIC Channel 11 (Now known as WPXI). He also lent his talents to “Studio Wrestling,” “Dance Party,” and “The Annual Jerry Lewis MS Telethon” as well as other shows.
For his iconic role with Saturday evening’s “Chiller Theatre,” Chilly Billy and his staff of costumed ghouls performed skits during commercial breaks and between the two featured films. Characters portrayed by Cardille included Captain Bad, Maurice the Matchmaker, and Mr. Magnificent. In addition to skits, he told corny jokes to an appreciative animated skull, read horror-scopes, shared trivia, and entertained guest stars including Vincent Price. He and WIIC publicist Robert Willis wrote the skits, and Henry Mancini and Al Caiola performed the show’s theme song, “Experiment in Terror.” The show ended 1 January, 1984, but the official website, http://www.chillertheatermemories.com/index.html, remains online. Bill Cardille continued his broadcasting career until his August, 2014 retirement.
Cardille played a reporter (himself) in George Romero’s 1968 landmark horror classic “Night of the Living Dead” and his daughter starred in the sequel “Day of the Dead.”
Cardille was awarded “The Heart Award” in 1976 for his volunteerism and named AFTRA’s Television Personality of the Year and inducted into the AFTRA’s Hall of Fame in 1979. The Pennsylvania Broadcasters Hall of Fame inducted him in 1997. Pittsburgh City Council declared 28 September, 2010 “Bill Cardille Day.”

He fathered three children, including his actress daughter, Lori, who recently posted the following plea to social media:

“My dear father, Chilly Billy, Bill Cardille, received a cancer diagnosis that will be quite challenging to say the least. His spirits are tremendous which is not a surprise. I thought it would be nice for dad to know how you enjoyed him during your childhood years or any years for that matter. I want him to feel the love that he so freely gave during his lifetime. Even just a card. You can send it to:

Chilly Billy, c/o Century Communications 313 East Carson Street , Pgh. Pa, 15219

Thank you friends. It will mean so much to dad. Please send this along to anyone you know that loved my dad. With a grateful heart, Lori Cardille.”