Classic Horror Movie Review: The Others (2001)

The Others old ladyIn 2001, Alejandro Amenabar wrote, directed, and scored a dreamy, atmospheric film called “The Others.” The story followed Grace Stewart, a beleaguered mother of two children afflicted with extreme photosensitivity. With her husband away at war, Grace welcomed three mysterious servants. Thereafter, strange things make her believe the family is not alone in their secluded English country home.

Her head-strong daughter, Anne, drew pictures of four people she claims to have met within their home. Catholic Grace punished her daughter for lying, yet strange happenings distress everyone. Heavy curtains meant to block out the sun and thus protect the children from the blistering effects of the sun were opened, despite such precautions as locking doors to prevent access to rooms. A piano that is not to be played disturbed migraine-seized Grace.

The movie presented the difficult lesson that the living and the dead needed to find a way to exist together.

The Others familyThe superb acting earned Nicole Kidman, who portrayed Grace, and six-year-old Alakine Mann, the actress portraying Anna, acclaim. Fionnula Flanagan, the housekeeper, was nominated for a “best supporting actor” Saturn award. The film won 8 Goya Awards, including best film and best director. It was nominated for 6 Saturn Awards, a Golden Globe, and a BAFTA. Nicole Kidman earned the title “Actress of the Year” from the London Film Critics.

This excellent ghost story was spoofed in “Scary Movie 3” and “The Simpson’s 25th” Halloween special. “Hum Kaun Hai” was a Hindi remake of the tale.

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