Cthulhu, Zombie & Mummy, Oh My! Our Second Wave of Horror Wax Warmers!

We are very pleased to announce our terrifying second wave of wax warmers! The Scent of Cthulhu, Zombie Apocalypse and Mummy Dearest are currently being produced! They will be available in November, but you can pre-order them now! Just add scented wax and, hey, we have that now, too!

cthulhu (1)The Scent of Cthulhu:  This wax warmer was inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos. Warm your favorite wax scent on top of this slumbering behemoth of doom. But be careful not to awaken him. For if you call, he will come!

Zombie Apocalypse:zombie (1) Waiting on that Zombie Apocalypse that we all know is coming? Tide yourself over with this great zombie wax warmer. Want to know why our zombie is the perfect warmer? He always has wax on his brain! 



mummyMummy Dearest: Mummy lovers will come completely unraveled with this mummy design wax warmer! Melt your favorite wax in your own petrified pharaoh without the hassle of an Egyptian curse! 



monster melts 1-1Monster Melts Series 1: The Graveyard Gang: Haunt your favorite wax warmer with these monstrous melts. Create a spine chilling aura of pleasing fragrance at the witch’s hour or any time of day. Store in a cool place. Halloween Forevermore recommends storing the pack in the refrigerator about 30 min to 1 hour prior to use. Under these conditions, wax shapes will firm so that breakage and disfigurement will be avoided when they are popped out of the pack for use.

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