Eyeball Cake Balls

Eyeball Cake Balls
Make the eyes bloodshot by drawing with a toothpick dipped in red food coloring gel.

Looking for a unique treat for that Halloween bash? Look no further than gourmet style cake pop balls. Of course, these won’t cost you upward of $3 a piece (more like 25-cents), and they require less “perfection” than any cake or cupcake.

I’ve been making cake pops and cake balls (seriously, it’s the same thing without the stick!) for some time now, and find it difficult to keep up with requests from friends and family. But these are so easy to make.

Here’s my tried-and-true method for making these yummy treats.

  1. Bake any flavor cake as usual. For chocolate, I use the Hershey’s “Perfectly Chocolate” recipe. It’s been around for decades and it produces a tremendously moist and flavorful cake.
  2. Once cooled, spoon the cake out of the pan into a large mixer bowl. (I use a stand mixer.)
  3. Mix the cake alone on low speed until the cake is all crumbly. If the cake is moist it will start to stick together a little bit.
  4. Continue mixing, adding 1 to 2 tablespoons of buttercream frosting at a time (here’s a quick recipe) until a huge mass forms. Test the dough by squeezing and shaping it into a ball.
  5. Put the mixture into the refrigerator for an hour or more (overnight is fine).
  6. Roll the dough into 1-1/2 inch balls and lay on wax paper.
  7. Freeze the formed balls for 20-30 minutes.
  8. Melt dipping chocolate or almond bark as instructed.
  9. Dip balls into chocolate or candy coating, and use a soup spoon to spin the pop and remove excess chocolate. For creepy eyeballs I just spoon them out without spinning.
  10. Decorate as you’d like!

For the eyeballs shown here, I applied candy eyes while the vanilla coating was still wet. Once the coating hardened, I dipped a toothpick in red gel food coloring and drew the bloodshot lines.

Of course, you could get a lot fancier, er, bloodier, but under dim light, these work just fine.

Plan on making these? Be sure to post your finished pics!

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