FACE OFF returns to SyFy Tonight

Face Off
Face Off

Ever wondered about those monsters on the screens, how they are conceived and created? If so, you’ll find the SyFy show “Face Off” fascinating. The elimination-based competition pits special effects artists from around the globe against each other to win a grand prize and title. Mackenzie Westmore hosts and her charming father offers sage advice to the participants.
Artists complete create camera-ready works of F/X makeup in a short time, showcasing an array of skills and techniques. Some of the looks reflect horror or beauty, all centered on an imposed theme with defined criteria. The models often play up their characters, displaying the makeup to advantage, and the artists work backstories into the creatures’ creations. The show grants glimpses into the workings of the makeup artists’ minds as they meet the themed challenges presented.
Face Off picJudges give assessments of the work in final reveal stages, voting for the best looks and the least skilled. Glenn Hetrick of Optic Nerve Studios lends an edge to the proceedings, sharing his enthusiasm and opinions. Ve Neill of “Beetlejuice” and “Hunger Games” fame is a regular judge whose gentle approach wins her favor among those competing. Neville Page and Patrick Tatopolous also serve as regular judges along with an array of surprise guests including Grimm’s Silas Weir Mitchell and Comic Book Men’s Kevin Smith. Lois Burwell is the latest to join the stable of regular judges on the show.
The audience is encouraged to follow and comment on social media outlets, where deeper insight into the creative process can be found.
Face Off first aired in January, 2011. Its 8th season airs tonight, 13 January, 2015 at 9 EST.

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