Halloween Decorations: Jack O’the Mantel

halloween kiss

halloween recycleTo reinforce my kindergartner’s recycling and re-purposing lessons, I devised a simple Halloween art project. I patterned the project after holiday-themed jars sparking with tiny, festive lights, using as inspiration twinkle-lighted jars given to me by my husband.

My son and I decided on a smiling Jack O’lantern to grace our mantel.

Although many options presented themselves, including painting or pasting tissue to the container, we alighted on a simple solution.

First, we cleaned an emptied plastic mayonnaise jar, soaked off the label, and set it aside for later in the project.

halloween craftNext, we used safety scissors to cut simple shapes from black construction paper to use as eyes, a nose, and a smile.  We glued the shapes on the jar, making a face of triangular eyes, a smaller triangular nose, and a crescent mouth.

Inside the jar we stuffed sparkling orange material and couched within a battery-powered light.

In all, the charming effect pleased us. We had recycled and created an addition to our decorating repertoire.halloween mantel

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