Haunted Attraction: The Whaley House

Whaley House
If you are in the San Diego area, enjoy Halloween at the Whaley House!

The Whaley House is considered to be one of the most actively haunted mansions in the world.

Location: 2476 San Diego Ave, San Diego, CA 92110

Visit their website for Halloween tour information.

From their site:

Save Our Heritage Organisation (SOHO), which operates the historic Whaley House Museum in Old Town, has some “spirited” fun in store for visitors this Halloween season, including extended hours, period lighting and music, Past & Presence Ghost Tours, and after-hours Ghost Hunts. 

The Whaley House was built by San Diego pioneer Thomas Whaley to house his growing family and his general mercantile store, and is believed to be the oldest two story brick building in Southern California. When completed in 1857, The San Diego Union called it the most elegant home in San Diego. The building served at various times as the county seat and courthouse, San Diego’s first commercial theater, a granary, store, kindergarten and Sunday school, party venue and ballroom, polling place, and meeting place for both the City Council and County Board of Supervisors. Former California state senator James Mills has said that the Whaley House “has sheltered more history than any other building in the city.” 

In addition to being one of the most historic buildings in San Diego, the Whaley House has earned its reputation as America’s Most Haunted. “The Whaley House is one of the most actively haunted mansions in the world today,” said famed ghost hunter Hans Holzer, who wrote more than 120 books on the subject. Reports of its hauntings has brought visitors from around the globe and in recent years has lead to numerous televised ghost investigations by shows such as Most Haunted and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In 2005 Life Magazine declared it “the most haunted house in America.” Spirits believed to inhabit the historic home include Thomas Whaley and his wife Anna, their daughter Violet, their great-granddaughter Marion, their fox terrier Dolly Varden, and of course “Yankee Jim” Robinson. 

Robinson, a desperado convicted of attempted grand larceny, was hanged on the grounds where the Whaley House now stands in September of 1852, a few years before the building was constructed. Legend has it that his spirit never left the spot where the gallows stood and now roams the halls of the Whaley House. 

Visit the Whaley House this Halloween Season for some hauntingly good fun!


On November 10, 2007, filmmaker/author Terry M. West, a self-described amatuer paranormal investigator, went to the Whaley House, a supposed haunted house in San Diego, and took what could be one of the most definitive and startling ghost photos ever. WATCH AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELF!!!

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  1. That was awesome to hear Mr. West discuss how he obtained the ghost photo! I will definitely be looking up info on the Whaley House!

  2. Creepy! The Hotel Del and Horton Grand Hotel in San Diego are also haunted! If I was a ghost, I’d want to be in SoCal also I guess…lol.

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