Movie Review: MUTANTIS (2014)

Mutantis poster
Mutantis poster


Director: Kelly Fitzgerald. Writer: Mark Leake. Stars: Darren Bolk, Gary Brown, Mark Colegrove. 

Synopsis: When an unscrupulous scientist drags his stepchildren out into the forest to use them as bait in the hopes of luring out a big foot, not even the team of hillbillies he hired can contain the horror they find: the horror of Mutantis! Only the adventurer Dr. William Fury may be able to stop the beast, but hope dwindles fast once Dr. Fury realizes that the monster is not only intent on murder but procreation as well. Could this be the end of the world as we know it? For the answer watch, Mutantis!

Okay, I have to start off this review by stating that Mutantis is a bad movie. But I am aware that the producers were aiming for that. Having made a few stinking homages myself, I know the whiff of this cheese and there are few as qualified as I to pass judgement. I will say that the makers of Mutantis definitely nailed the look of a grind-house cheapie that, with a few cuts, could play easily on an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The dubbing is often very hilarious as well.

When a filmmaker sets out to make a bad film, they often forget that the films they are trying to emulate weren’t considered bad by the people who were making them. Still, the genuine affection the makers of Mutantis have for the films they are aping shows. If you are a bad horror movie connoisseur, then yes, Mutatnis will have a space on your shelf next to Laserblast and Mantos.

Mutantis still two

I also have to warn that the explicit sex advertised consists mostly of the gory erotic rampage of the title creature and there are several shots of an F/X created monster penis which, ahem, erupts quite often. I wish I could show you the trailer, but it is too explicit for me to post here. Bottom line: the bad movie masochist or Troma-esque gore fan will have to have this. The average horror movie fan will probably want to skip it.


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