Movie Review: Saw II (2005)

Saw II saw 2 poster(2005) Director:  Darren Lynn Bousman Writers:  Leigh Whannell, Darren Lynn Bousman Starring:  Donnie Wahlberg, Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, Beverly Mitchell, Glenn Plummer

Disclaimer (sort of):  If I find out ahead of time that a movie has a twist then I’ll be looking for it the entire time.  It can ruin the experience for me if I allow it.  I’d rather not read within the synopsis of a book or film that there’s anything that’ll take me for a ride.  Just let me get there on my own.  My family can testify to this.  Using the word “twist” in any description is spoiler enough for me.  That being said, if you’re as sensitive to spoilers as I am I may have already ruined it for you, so just know that I sympathize with you and I’m sorry.  However, the rest of you who are not so hypersensitive, not to worry, I will not reveal any true spoilers.  And because there’s so much to spoil in the movie, this will make for a rather quick review with a very minimalistic approach to any synopsis.

Marky Mark’s brother, and a SWAT team, are forced to play a serial killer’s twisted game while desperately trying to save eight people who are also forced to “play,” all the while being viewed through monitors by the investigating team.  Saw II answers a lot of questions we had after the first film and gives us insight into the “Jigsaw killer,” the man responsible for “blessing” his victims with forcing them to look at life from a different perspective and come out valuing it more than they had.  The problem is that if they actually made it through his psychotic tests, they’re forever warped themselves.

Saw 2 groupAfter seeing the first Saw when it first came out on DVD, like most everyone, I was blown away by the shocker ending.  I love movies that can trick me the way Saw did.  I had absolutely no idea the movie would end the way it did, and the writers gained my respect as a result.  But I knew they’d never get me a second time.  So when viewing the sequel, Saw II, I paid very close attention this time around.  I know I gave the screen a huge grin, and perhaps even clapped, when all was revealed at the endThey’d gotten me again.

Hand trap Saw 2Yes, I haven’t told you much about the movie itself.  You’ll either love me or hate me for it.  You choose.  So let me summarize my review in one last paragraph.  I’ve only seen the first four Saw movies, and I’ve really no desire to watch the rest.  I guess as I’ve grown older I left the senseless gore for something more cerebral, and as the Saw franchise rises in number, the traps become much more elaborate and gore-filled; however, the story suffers and lacks creativity.  The franchise is indeed a dead horse being flogged time and time again, even if the flogging uses a different weapon each time.  However, Saw I and II are a nice little package of cerebral entertainment that will leave you satisfied and thankful you’ve been had by the creators.  It’s not often that a sequel can stand up just as straight as its predecessor, but Saw II did it exceptionally well.
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