Movie Review: Scream Park (2013)

Scream Park posterScream Park

Starring Nivek Ogre, Nicole Beattie, Kailey Marie Harris, Doug Bradley. Written & directed by Cary Hill. Wild Eye Releasing.


Tonight’s latest offering comes thanks to the kind folks over at WILD EYE RELEASING. Here’s the skinny on what my eyes endured on this dreary and stormy night of movie viewing.


Jennifer (Wendy Wygant) works at Fright Land, a theme park that’s closing after years of declining sales and lack of interest from the general public. While initially reluctant, Jennifer agrees to attend a party held by the other park employees to memorialize the park’s closing.  But  something feels off about the night’s events and Jennifer’s suspicions are soon proven to be correct. She learns that park owner, Mr. Hyde (portrayed in a Pinhead like fashion by Doug Bradley) has decided that the only way to save the park is to hire two men to murder all of the park’s employees. He theorizes that after the killers complete their task, morbid murder fans will pay large amounts of money to visit an amusement park organized around the murders.

Doug Bradley in Scream Park


If you’re in the mood for some 80’s style slasher cheese, then you might as well stop by the store and pick up some cheap wine and crackers because this is the film. However, take heed and don’t go in hoping for anything new or overtly exciting, as you won’t find either here.


Scream Park  is exactly what I presume it’s meant to be;  just a fun popcorn cheese-fest. Even though the majority of the kill scenes failed miserably, the acting from Nivek Ogre gives a ton of enjoyment and saves the film. Nivek’s outing  and the performance from Doug Bradley keeps Scream Park from being a complete waste of time. Now don’t get me wrong; the acting from a few of the others was decent and well played but for the most parts their death scenes could have been better portrayed  by children.

Scream Park still


The effects were sub par but the ambiance set forth was nicely done and that accompanying the aforementioned performance from Nivek Ogre allows this movie to work.  If you’re in the mood for some good old get drunk and watch people die cinema, then check it out.



Check out the SCREAM FACTORY trailer:


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  1. So when White walks out right in front of me I was none too pleased .I adearly had to see him earlier this year in 16volt. He seems like a fine guitarist, I just don’t like his aesthetic. And I’m there to see

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