Movie Review: The Mirror (2014)

The MirrorThree friends purchase a “haunted mirror” from eBay in hopes of filming paranormal happenings. They set up round-the-clock surveillance, certain their footage will earn them a one million dollar paranormal challenge sponsored by the James Randi Foundation. The results surprised them.

This British “found footage” horror film finds its inspiration from a news story about a mirror in Muswell Hill said to bring misfortune to its owners. Most of the action takes place in Matt’s (Joshua Dickinson, “Opening Night of the Living Dead” 2014) flat. His girlfriend, Jemma (Jemma Dallender, “I Spit on Your Grave II,” 2013) doesn’t believe in ghosts. Steve Higgins (Nate Fallows, “Christmas Eve,” 2014) operates the cameras and drives the experiment, bringing in an Ouija Board when things don’t progress quickly enough for his liking. Their relationship strains when strange dreams, nocturnal happenings, and mysterious toothaches bother them. Although the script dictates the cast lack common sense and the ability to recognition of the need for medical treatment, the acting is believable. However, much of the found footage is dull and unremarkable. The few scares in the film are largely given away in the trailer and film packaging, but the short escalation into gore was done well.

Directed by Edward Boase (“Blooded,” 2011) who co-wrote the screenplay with Theidrych Waslay, The Mirror was released in the UK on 8 September, 2014 to a mixed reception. It was nominated by Total Film Fright Fest for the Best Found Footage Horror.

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