Press Release: Revenge of the Killer Shrews

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July 27, 2015
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July 30, 2015

Press Release: Revenge of the Killer Shrews

killershrewRevenge of the Killer Shrews
is the new feature film from award winning writer/director Bart Grieb. Revenge of the Killer Shrews is based on characters from the original 1959 classic “Killer Shrews.” It is also a sequel to Bart Grieb’s first film; “Taming of the Killer Shrews.”
Revenge finds our hero Captain Rex Harrison isolated and drunk for the past 15 years. He is pulled out of retirement by General Marcus Learer and asked to go on a top secret mission to stop the evil Fumond Corporation from creating a electromagnetic bomb that will render the earth’s satellites useless thus plunging the world into communicational chaos. Rex, Marcus and Big Jim Slade lead a elite band of marines back to the island where it all began. The island of The Killer Shrews! Can Rex and the team stop the evil Dr. Fumond and mad scientist Dorothy Holland? Can they survive the bloodthirsty genetically enhanced Killer Shrews? Find out in this new production from Cygnet Films and Blue Dot Entertainment.
The Revenge of the Killer Shrews is currently looking for a production company and funding and is planning to shoot end of summer of 2015. For further and information and how to contact please visit and “like” us on Facebook at Revenge of the Killer Shrews.

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