Cthulhu, Zombie & Mummy, Oh My! Our Second Wave of Horror Wax Warmers!

We are very pleased to announce our terrifying second wave of wax warmers! The Scent of Cthulhu, Zombie Apocalypse and Mummy Dearest are currently being produced! They will be available in November, but you can pre-order them now! Just add scented wax and, hey, we have that now, too!

cthulhu (1)The Scent of Cthulhu:  This wax warmer was inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos. Warm your favorite wax scent on top of this slumbering behemoth of doom. But be careful not to awaken him. For if you call, he will come!

Zombie Apocalypse:zombie (1) Waiting on that Zombie Apocalypse that we all know is coming? Tide yourself over with this great zombie wax warmer. Want to know why our zombie is the perfect warmer? He always has wax on his brain! 



mummyMummy Dearest: Mummy lovers will come completely unraveled with this mummy design wax warmer! Melt your favorite wax in your own petrified pharaoh without the hassle of an Egyptian curse! 



monster melts 1-1Monster Melts Series 1: The Graveyard Gang: Haunt your favorite wax warmer with these monstrous melts. Create a spine chilling aura of pleasing fragrance at the witch’s hour or any time of day. Store in a cool place. Halloween Forevermore recommends storing the pack in the refrigerator about 30 min to 1 hour prior to use. Under these conditions, wax shapes will firm so that breakage and disfigurement will be avoided when they are popped out of the pack for use.

Frightpix Sponsors the 10th Annual Texas Frightmare Weekend

Frightmare-Header1DALLAS, TX, April 28, 2015 – FrightpixTM, one of the most popular streaming services for horror movies, is proud to be an Associate Sponsor of the 10th Annual Texas Frightmare Weekend, arguably the nation’s largest horror convention. A must-attend event for fright fans in the Southwest region and beyond, Texas Frightmare Weekend will be held on May 1-3 at the Hyatt Regency DFW. The event attracts thousands of horror enthusiasts, who will get to watch a preview of the horror movies available for free streaming at Frightpix prior to convention’s film screenings.

“Frightpix is a long-time supporter of independent horror film productions, so sponsoring the Texas Frightmare Weekend is a natural fit for us,” says David Fannon, Executive Vice President at Screen Media Ventures LLC, parent company to Frightpix. “For 10 years, the convention has given horror fans a great place to come together and celebrate the genre, enjoying classic films while discovering new favorites, which is very much in the spirit of Frightpix.”

As an Associate Sponsor of this year’s Texas Frightmare Weekend, Frightpix has given away 10 pairs of convention tickets to lucky horror fans. Amongst the more than fifty horror icons attending the convention are Josh Stewart from The Collector and The Puppet Master’s Charles Band, both of which can be found on Frightpix. Other free titles available on Frightpix include The Attic starring Elisabeth Moss, as well as Dead Time Stories, Coffin Joe, The Toxic Avenger and many more independent horror titles.

Frightpix is an ad-supported platform. Each film includes pre-roll, spot ads and banner ads, offering content and advertising partners a great opportunity to connect with a next-generation audience that prefers to stream their content wherever and whenever they choose. Frightpix is available on Roku, Xbox 360, Android, iOS and the web. FrightpixTM is a trademark of Screen Media Ventures, LLC. All rights reserved.

The Silent Night, Deadly Night Box Set from Fright-Rags

Silent Night, Deadly Night
Silent Night, Deadly Night

Controversial slasher Silent Night, Deadly Night turns 30 this year, and Fright-Rags has commemorated the holiday horror classic with a line of new merchandise. Prepare to be punished!

Any horror fan would be elated to find the Silent Night, Deadly Night limited edition box set under their tree this Christmas. Enclosed in a collector’s box, the set contains a shirt designed by Justin Osbourn, a Christmas sweater-style sweatshirt by Joe Guy Allard, a handmade resin ornament depicting one of the film’s most memorable scenes and a felt stocking. This set is limited to only 225 units.

The T-shirt and sweatshirt can be purchased separately to spread the yuletide fear. Osbourn’s design comes on unisex shirts, girls shirts and zip-up hoodies. The other items are available exclusively as part of the box set.

In addition to the Silent Night, Deadly Night collection, Fright-Rags has released Christmas-themed shirts inspired by Tales from the Crypt and Scrooged for the horror fan on your list this year.

These items are available now from Fright-Rags.com and ready to ship in time for Christmas. Domestic orders placed by December 19 will arrive by December 24. Quantities are limited, so these items may sell out early. You better run if you don’t want to end up on the naughty list.

The Silent Night, Deadly Night Box Set
The Silent Night, Deadly Night Box Set

All or Nothing by Stuart Keane now available!

All or Nothing
All or Nothing

Stuart Keane’s horror novel, All or Nothing,  is now available on Amazon! Stuart is an extremely talented new author and he has racked up some very impressive credits. He is also a contributor to Halloween Forevermore and his controversial piece, Vermilion: A Traveler’s Account, appeared in the Journals of Horror: Found Fiction anthology (tales written in epistolary form) which was created by Terry M. West.

Here is the synopsis to All or NothingThe Game. A lucrative pay-per-view that caters to only the richest and most extravagant of clients, those selected based on their wealth, social status and Government position. Organised and run by a secret conglomerate called The Company, and only viewable by the extremely rich and wealthy, it’s the epitome of reality television.  The Chronicles. Four twisted, egotistical, wealthy men with no remorse for the public or people below their social status. With complete control over The Choices, they can do what they want, when they want, however they want. Egos and pride clash in order to produce the best entertainment their unlimited funds can buy. The Choices. Four strangers chosen at random and ripped from their everyday lives, they are selected by The Chronicles to participate in The Game. Rules do not apply. There’s no law, no justice, no escape and no hope. The Company does not accept failure. With a client base exclusively consisting of the most influential people on the planet, their acceptance for anything but perfection is zero. When The Game begins, things start to go wrong. The Chronicles become obsessed with power, The Choices become caught in the cross-fire and The Company is overseeing everything. Tempers fray, confidence cracks and people ultimately start paying the price. The strangers begin to realise that anything is possible. Agenda’s seem random but as the night progresses, it becomes apparent that things are more personal than first thought. With The Company watching, The Chronicles pulling the violent, bloody strings and events spiraling out of hand, it becomes obvious that the outcome, and their fate, is beyond their control…

All or Nothing features a cover by legendary horror artist, Steve Crisp (read our interview with Steve here).

Servant of the Red Quill available 01-02-15


Servant of the Red Quill
Servant of the Red Quill

Servant of the Red Quill is the follow-up to Terry M. West’s haunting period piece, The Giving of Things Cold & Cursed. The star of both tales is Baker Johnson, a flawed, British psychical researcher living in New York city in the 1920’s. The first tale in the Baker Johnson series received glowing reviews and was read by many fans of classical Gothic horror.

Servant of the Red Quill takes place in 1927, two years after the events of The Giving of Things Cold & Cursed. Baker Johnson has turned his back on the paranormal field and he spends his days drunk and in the company of  questionable women. When Baker is approached by the attorney of a powerful man, the psychical researcher is reluctantly pulled into a case involving a troubled family in Yonkers. Jeremiah Simms, a wealthy collector of haunted objects, has acquired a rare tome penned by the infamous Marquis de Sade. Titled Servant of the Red Quill, this cursed book unleashes an evil spirit that threatens to destroy the Simms family. Baker must face a cunning and powerful demon to save the innocent. But the deadliest demons of this battle lie within Baker.

This new 11,000 word novelette will be released on Amazon Kindle on 01-02-15 with a paperback version to follow. It has a price of $1.99. West also recently announced a third Baker Johnson story, Weird Tales of the Dark Prophet. While a release date or details of the third entry haven’t been announced, West did confide that the legendary HP Lovecraft would be appearing in the tale.

You can pre-order Servant of the Red Quill here!

Halloween Forevermore & Terry M. West at DAYS OF THE DEAD this weekend!

Days of the Dead: Los AngelesDays of the Dead is a horror convention that will be held this weekend at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott. Halloween Forevermore will have a table, and we will be selling our Halloween Wax Warmers for a special convention rate of $20!


ghost on displaycreepy image of Terry M. WestAlso on hand will be Halloween Forevermore managing editor and horror author, Terry M. West. Terry will be signing copies of his books and DVDs. Also on hand for the convention will be: Clive Barker, Tara Reid, Sid Haig, Corey Feldman, Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley and many more! If you plan to attend, please drop by the table and say hello!

TV Series: SLEEPY HOLLOW Overview & Season 2 Premiere

Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow

The first season of Sleepy Hollow aired in September, 2013 and presented a decidedly polished Ichabod Crane (portrayed  with charm and deadpan humor by Tom Mison) about 250 years into a future where he falls under the protection of an insightful Officer Abby Mills (Nicole Beharie) who breaks police protocol to protect her town. The plot reveals a peculiar link between Ichabod and the Headless Horseman who reclaimed his  murderous post, searching for his head.

The creepy horseman is not the only menace to invade, however.

The sleepy town is populated with demons, witches, and secret societies stretching back to the American Revolution. Much of what they believed is couched within untruth, and the pair must scramble to solve the mysteries before more death visits the populous and ultimately the world.

People they trusted prove unworthy. Others find vindication within what is revealed. History itself is redefined. Time continuums are explored. Folk and religious beliefs are investigated. All while Ichabod navigates the perplexities of modern living.

Other than the names of some of the characters, there is little resemblance to the classic Washington Irving book found within his early 1800’s “The Sketch Book.” For example, Ichabod in the show served in the Revolution, a Brit who turned coat and became a spy for the Americans under General Washington.

His polish and demeanor in no way resemble the awkward, half-starved school teacher mooning after his plump and lovely student. In the television show, his wife is Katrina, whose secrets propel much of the convoluted plot. The captain is named “Irving.”

 However, using Mr. Washington Irving’s familiar creepy vibe and expanding it to cross genres and touch on adventure, the supernatural, and mystery with intriguing visuals and excellent camera work add to the marketability of the show.

 The second season of Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow” premiers in the USA on Monday, 22 September, 2014 at 9PM/8c. The entire first season is available on such sources as VUDU or DVD.

TALES OF POE Autographed Poster Giveaway!

Tales of Poe autographed promotional poster
Tales of Poe autographed promotional poster

We have sung the praises of the horror movie, Tales of Poe, from the start of our website.  The movie is currently on the film festival circuit,  and we can’t wait until you are able to watch this incredible terror anthology inspired by the work of Edgar Allen Poe.
The Tales of Poe folks were kind enough to sign a promotional poster and allow us to give it away on the Halloween Forevermore website!
It is signed by: Alan Rowe Kelly (director), Bart Mastronardi (director), Caroline Williams (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), Adrienne King (Friday the 13th), Tom Burns (composer), Brewster McCall (The Cask actor), Bette Cassatt (V/H/S 2) and Michael Varrati (writer of the Dreams segment).
Enter our Facebook contest by following this link to the giveaway, whether you are on a mobile device or desktop.
This contest ends on September 19th at Noon PST!
Check out our review of the film by clicking here.
Check out a video we shot at the Tales of Poe movie premiere by clicking here.


Tales of Poe Premiere Video and Interviews

Tales of Poe Premiere Video

On August 20, 2014, we were invited to the Tales of Poe World Premiere at the the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California. We were highly impressed by the work of directors Alan Rowe Kelly and Bart Mastronardi. We were able to interview some of the cast and crew of this great horror anthology based on Edgar Allen Poe’s  work. It was a fun, chaotic and LOUD night! You must see this film when it is officially released! More info for Tales of Poe here! And check out our review!