Top 13 Supernatural villains

On 13 September, 2005, Eric Kripke introduced the United States to Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester and the convoluted Supernatural world where demons and angels walk around wearing human “meat suits” and Baby is a beloved black, ’67 Impala. These monster-hunting brothers have been to Hell and back several times. They’ve met old-time gods and served as unwitting pawns in cosmic plans. Time travel, historic rewrites, and romps through a confused theology further the story lines. The reluctant heroes exchange witty dialogue while solving weekly stand-alone episodes that evolved into far-reaching plots involving Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, and absentee fathers. The special effects and makeup are slick and interesting, and the cool soundtrack introduces younger viewers to cool tunes from the 1970’s. The dark show with its humorous interludes aired on the WB and moved to The CW’s lineup. Its huge fan base inspired merchandising, comics, novels, an anime series, and a spin-off series, “Ghostfacers.” Although the series concludes 20 May, fans are calling for a continuation of the series. All of the seasons are available for purchase, and there is talk of a sequel, “Supernatural Bloodlines.”

Although the Supernatural world is populated by ghosts and creatures from urban legends, the following list includes some of the memorable longer-lived villains from the show.


13. Leviathan. This body-hopping blackness from season 7 showed promise, but the story line resolved too easily. Dick Roman (portrayed by James Patrick Stuart) served as leader of the gooey, human-hungry creatures.

12. Metatron. He’s a bit of a weasel for an angel turned against people and Heaven. Introduced in season 7, his subtle villainy became apparent in seasons 8 and 9 when he locked the angels from Heaven. His presence is felt throughout season 10. (Portrayed by Curtis Armstrong)

11. Alastair. Hell’s grand torturer served as secondary antagonist during the show’s second season. (Mark Ralston and Christopher Heyerdahl portrayed Alastair.)

eve supernatural
10. Eve. This ancient “mother of all monsters” made her displeasure known in 2011. With a kiss, she created the Alphas, or first monsters, including Dragons, shapeshifters, wendigo, kitsunes, werewolves, and vampires. (played by Julia Maxwell)

9. Rowena. This Mother of evil shows her clever heart is black in season 10. (played by Ruth Connell)

8. Hellhounds. Mostly invisible demonic dogs, or pit bulls from Hell, often work for Crossroad demons or collect the souls of humans whose contract expired. These nasties appear throughout the series, including a successful attack on Dean.

7. Naomi. Sometimes, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions carried out with questionable tactics in season 8. This powerful angel served as head of Heaven’s intelligence department since before Moses floated down the Nile. (Acted by Amanda Tapping.)

First Born
6. Cain. Father of murder and direct ancestor of the Winchesters, Cain trained and headed the Knights of Hell until he fell in love and retired from mayhem. He gave Dean his Mark, which with the First Blade, provides power – at a cost. (Timothy Michael Omundson portrayed Cain.)

Yellow eyed demon
5. Yellow Eyed Demon. Azazel brokered deals that set the Winchester men on a quest for revenge that lasted two and a half decades. Although they kill him at the conclusion of season two, visions of the demon haunt both Sam and Dean. (The main portrayal of the character was by Fredric Lehne.)


4. Abaddon. In season 8, this Knight of Hell made her presence known to the Men of Letters. Trained by and endowed with powers by Lucifer, she acted as the main antagonist in season 9. (Acted by Alaina Huffman)
3. Lilith. This big-bad came in a little package in 2008 and 2009. She was creepiest as a kid. (Adult version portrayed by Katherine Boecher. The toe-headed kid portrayed by Sierra McCormick)


2. Lucifer. This fallen angel uses subtle manipulation to achieve his ends. He’s mentioned throughout the early story lines, but he makes actual appearances in seasons 4, 5, and 7. (Mainly portrayed by Mark Pellegrino.)

1. Crowley. Charming little devil has designs to take over Hell – and more. His presence is felt from Season 5 on. (Mark A. Sheppard portrays)

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  1. One of my favourite TV shows. Great article, brought back some memories. Hmm . . . guess I’d better go watch some DVDs.

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