Valley of the Sasquatch West Coast Premiere

valley of the sasquatchSeattle, WA — “Valley of the Sasquatch,” the latest thriller from the Northwest production company The October People, will have its West Coast premiere at the 2015 Seattle International Film Festival. Written and directed by John Portanova, and produced by Brent Stiefel of Votiv Films (“Obvious Child”) and Matt Medisch (“The Device”), the movie is inspired by actual stories of a Bigfoot attack on a mining cabin near Mt. Saint Helens. “Valley” tells the story of a fractured family battling a tribe of angry Sasquatch.

The film is an encouraging example of theexcellent work being done by Seattle filmmakers, and how modestly budgeted films can succeed with the help of the region’s talented cast, crew, and production specialists. John Portanova,who previously wrote “The Invoking” and “The Device,” makes his directorial debut on this project, once again working with many long-time collaborators including cinematographer Jeremy Berg and sound mixer Jens Larsen. The three first met nearly ten years ago as production assistants on a local feature. Portanova estimates that at least 80% of the cast and crew are from Washington, including star D’Angelo Midili, composer Jon Bash, and editor David Phillips, among many others.

The incredible Sasquatch costume was created by Hollywood veteran Doug Hudson. Doug took special care to meet the needs of a demanding film set, while also making the suit scarily realistic.

The story is inspired by Portanova’s love of cryptozoology, and offers many references to past Bigfoot incidents that aficionados will appreciate. Says John, “I’ve seen a lot of Bigfoot films and have never been completely satisfied with them outside of some of the 70s classics. They usually portray the creature as a bloodthirsty monster. Within the script and shooting of “Valley” I made sure to treat Sasquatch with respect, and avoided CGI and computer effects. I hope that the film will appeal to horror fans looking for a dramatic creature feature full of old school practical effects as much as it appeals to Sasquatch enthusiasts looking for a film that understands and respects the history of the creature.”

“Valley of the Sasquatch” was filmed in Snoqualmie Pass and Roslyn, WA. It stars David Saucedo (“Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones”), Bill Oberst Jr. (“Resolution”), Jason Vail (“Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies”), D’Angelo Midili (“The Invoking”), and Miles Joris-Peyrafitte (“Gut”).

The film is a co-production between The October People (“Found”) and Votiv Films (“The Giant Mechanical Man”).

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